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yummy weekend

Most of my saturday was spent idling away and then late night, we kidnapped the mom-in-law for supper at Evans Rd and then Durians at Geylang!


I’ve realized i can no longer gorge myself with durians like i used to.
I usually can finish up 2-3 whole durians by myself. I have immense love for that fruit.
Now, i’m done with half a durian before it gets too heaty.

We started off our Sunday with Zafran’s Baby Shower at Choa Chu Kang.


Pretty obvious what’s my favourite jemputan food. Haha


Pretty pretty deco! Too bad i totally forgot to take picture of Zafran! Lol
I seriously need to set my priorities right seh. Tak boleh harap.

Right after the event, we headed off to IMM cos i was looking for a watch but turns out i’ll get it cheaper at so cancel.
You know the thing about our outlet stores in Singapore, the price difference is not that significant really.

But we had desserts at Swensens before heading off to the next destination.


Sticky Chewy Chocolate, ftw!

Remember i was looking for a black bag to fit all my necessities?
I have few criterias in mind.

– Must be big enough to fit an iPad.
– Black. Plain Bag.
– Full leather because it has to tahan all the nonsense i’m putting in the bag.
– Preferably no straps. For a big bag, i prefer if the bag has no straps or at least a removable strap cos carrying a huge bag on my shoulder overwhelms me since i’m quite vertically challenged.


Celine Mini Luggage in Smooth Leather.

The leather is supple and with it’s sturdy base, it can carry all my necessities.
I was torn between the Mini & the Micro but felt the Mini looked better on me.
No regrets!

Here’s how the size compares next to my Speedy 30.


Big enough to be a diaper bag even! Now i just need a baby. -___-

12 thoughts on “yummy weekend”

    1. hee.. How much was the Mini going for at KL babe? Did u remember? or at least the Micro price?
      Don’t know if the price is significantly cheaper there..

      i like the Nano as well tapi i wear tak kena!

      1. Hmm I didn’t ask but I have the impression that these bags cost slightly more in Msia than in Sg. Haha I haven’t tried the Nano, but I’ve a feeling it’ll look weird on me too

      2. I think so too! At least i know their Prada is slightly higher than in SG. Just goes to show not everything is cheaper across the causeway. lol

  1. Super love the bag too! It was mostly few limited colors left when I went to see in Paris and they actually have black here in Singapore. So good!

    1. yeah! But very limited as well. They have Black, Yellow, Red and this brick colour. But all less than 3 pcs. There were only 2 pcs of Black left!

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