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The Wives Night Out

After lotsa ranting, whine-ing, giggling and sharing over our whatsapp group chat, we’ve decided to level up and arrange for a date.
Since we are all residing at the west side, we decided on Jcube and Manhattan Fish Market it is!

It wasn’t the 1st time meeting up with Rina & Ain because coincidentally, both were previous clients of The Card Maison and you know i just realized that yesterday!


Over a seafood platter, we talked and cracked jokes at really i don’t know what. As ex-btbs, we gushed over Bonito Bob and Elly Weddings pasal zaman kita dorang takde.  Macam lah kita kahwin zaman 80an.
We also gasped at the quotations of some vendors, sambil mengucap dan bersyukur we don’t have to pay for that. Hahahaha



We also went to Franc Franc and i swear that place is puaka. We all came out with something we don’t really need but tetiba bila masuk terus ada perasaan “yes, i think i need this!” and that is how i end up with a really cute stove glove.  -___________-

Pictures from Thursday, courtesy of Ain!


See that huge platter? Ah yang tu, Rina punya sorang. Lol



That thing women do in the ladies, take mirrored selfies with friends.
the boys will never get it. The lightings are always awesome in the ladies.


At Franc Franc. Evident kuat kita siang2 dah shop! Coincidentally we were all wearing black!

It was great catching up with them. We’re already planning on the next dinner! This time maybe we’ll get Ain to bring her Paupau!

4 thoughts on “The Wives Night Out”

  1. HAHAHAHAHHA TENKZ EHH CAKAP TU I PUNYA GIANT PLATTER!! lolz!!! yahh another meetup soon!

    oh btw, unveil your new black bag lehhh! :p

    1. Hahahahahahhahahaha
      it looks like it’s yours and our orders have not arrived! anyway, nobody will judge a pregnant lady for having a huge platter to herself! hahahaa

      the new black bag coming up soon cos im still staring at it. LOL

  2. hahahahahah yah! time pregnant kalau nak makan 3 kali ke lebih pun orang tak kisah! hahaha

    yes yes next dinner i bring this paopao! and we all know where we r going for the next meet up…. NANNNNNNNDOS!

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