Him, The Husband & Wife

chew what?!

I posted this on Facebook this morning so if you are friends with me on FB, you’ve probably seen this but it’s too hilarious to not post it up here


Was watching an early morning cookshow with the husband while eating McD breakfast. Saw the chef toasting some bread.

Sidetrack: it’s actually the show “Giada at Home”. The husband said she looks too pornstar-ish to be hosting a cookshow. Hahaha. Could be the makeup she’s putting on.

He: “Eh… Chewbacca!!”
He: “eh salah, chewbacca Star Wars”
Me: “Hahahaha CIABATTA lah!!!!”

Chewbacca bakar. Wow. Just wow.


The husband spouts nonsense most of the time, really. I’m always laughing at the things he say. He’s so funneh me thinks. But i’m just being biased i know.

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