Shopping Spree


I’ve been on a buying spree lately. Mostly clothes & cosmetics. So bad that i have this “I WANNA BUY EVERYTHING, NOW!!!” feeling. Perangai pembazir.

The H&M package arrived yesterday. Smiled so broadly at the Vpost guy, because i wasn’t expecting the package to arrive that day. If you must know, each time i get a tracking no, i stalk them like a hawk. But Vpost is so cunning. Their tracking system, seriously tak boleh pakai. Tau2 ada postman dekat pintu.

Not sure if it’s age catching up with me or because i’m ballooning like nobody’s business but i’m buying more black clothes now.
Side track sikit, but i just realised my double chin is visibly smaller. Must be that facial massage technique i been doing eevryday! It works! 

So anyway, this whole obsession of wearing everything black happened when i was in my early 20’s. When i sidai my baju outside, all i see is black, black and more black berderet kat buluh. It was a phase i went through and then late 20’s i began experimenting with colours. I’ve never thought i would be comfortable wearing bright coloured pants but i did! Fuschia pants, Green pants and all. I gave the husband sore eyes with all my bright tops. All the tie-dyes, the ikat prints, leopard prints. I rarely do a neutral ensemble.

Then early this year, i’ve decided i wanna wear more black. More sleek pieces with nicer cuttings.
I don’t wanna be boring with Blacks though so i’m throwing in black white prints like these Cardigans from H&M.


Perfect to throw over black Basics & denims and not look too boring or overdressed.
Now that i’m no longer going out to work, i really miss dressing up for work, mix & match accessories and wear heels.
So when i do go out on weekends, i put in an effort to look good. At least make myself feel better, you know.

On another note, i realised yesterday i don’t have a black going-out bag.
The jumbo is too fancy to bring out on normal going-out days and the WOC is too small to throw in my cosmetic pouch.
I need a sizeable bag that i can throw in my cosmetic pouch, ipad & a book and i need it now!


8 thoughts on “monochromed”

    1. Hahahha basically i just massage down my neck, using moisturiser / lotions twice a day.
      Just gently massage from the chin downwards to the chest.

      If you see this video, u’ll get what i mean!

  1. Haha! I think at times we ladies mmg perangai pembazir. Especially now that I think of it when it comes to cosmetics. Beli beli beli tapi most things don’t know how to use 😉

    1. Yeah lah. They did it again today. Tau2 postman muncul kat depan and i hate it when that happens when i’m not properly dressed and get caught off guard. Lol

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