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in a week.

Done with the hectic week from the last expo!
It was so tiring! Mainly because i had to wake up early on weekends and my booth was very near to the stage and it was so loud, i got very irritated most of the time.

But i got to meet a lot of people. Some recognised me as the girl with that blog on the budget wedding! Hahahaha
That was hilarious!

Last Tuesday, husband took leave and we went to NUH for our appointment with Prof PC Wong.
It was a short meeting, we asked what we wanted to ask about IVF and honestly, i don’t know what else to ask because i read so much about IVF already! I did ask him about the possibility of OHSS and he mentioned my drug protocol will be lower cos of my AMH Level and he don’t want me to suffer from OHSS. All is good and now we are waiting for my Feb cycle to start before i go take my 1st medication and start with the IVF Cycle in March. Prof PC Wong told us there would be an in-house IVF seminar 1st week of March but we would be out of town and had to miss that seminar. Pretty bummed about it because it would definitely give us a good insight on the entire procedure. We will have another session end feb with a Psychologist to help us prepare mentally for IVF. I picked up some brochures on Gonal -F injection pens.. The one that we’ll be using for the IVF and i’m done psyching myself that it would be ok! Saw the short needles and i figured it would be ok! Nurse told me the drugs are in pure form (hence the hefty price tag) so when injected, you feel less pain or no pain at all. I keep telling myself “I can do this. If others can do this, so can i. If i can’t do this, then i’m not prepared for childbirth because that would be even more painful!” I swear i’m the worst motivator ever.

On another note, we finally decided where to go for the CNY Weekend. Bandung again, this time with friends.
While they can’t wait to shop, i can’t wait to eat good food!
I kind of have lost the novelty of shopping in Singapore / overseas, unless it’s online shopping at specific plus size sites.
In fact, i have 4 shipments of clothes coming in from different sites. So the thought of shopping at Bandung doesn’t really excite me that much actually. Actually come to think of it, i really should just do up another entry on Plus Size clothes before this entry gets too long!


7 thoughts on “in a week.”

  1. I also very the takut injection2 ni semua! Can’t imagine kena cucuk hari hari lor! But must prepare myself in case that’s the route I have to take eventually.

    Anyway, yes please to the entry on plus size clothes!

  2. hi beb, is the seminar open to public? Can I register myself for it? Though I read in-house… hehehe mana tau! As for the self inject pens. Fora person who is afraid of needles, they are bearable. 🙂 The husband does it for me. I’ll just close my eyes and count to 10! :p

    1. hey babe,

      im afraid the seminar is only for NUH patients. The registration has to be done thru the gynae. LOL

      But im sure if you are going for IVF, your gynae would also recommend you for a seminar in that hospital.

      I was also thinking of getting the hubby to do it for me since babymaking is supposed to be a team effort anyway. hahahaha

      1. Awww shucks… when mine is more or less confirmed, I’m sure there’ll be updates on the process. Till then it’s make or break this weekend! Bismillah many many!

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