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morning surprise


Gave the husband an early morning birthday surprise. Caught him off guard cos his birthday is not till February! New rims & tyres for the man! He got the shock of his life when he went to the carpark, found his car missing initially, only to find it across where he 1st park yesterday and fitted with the new rims & tyres!

Thanks to his brother for being the little elf! All that sneaking around was worth it!
The husband didn’t know his car was out for a spin while he was watching youtube videos at home! Lol

I had to sneak around, steal his keys from his work pants and quietly go to the kitchen window and throw the keys out while the brother was downstairs. Off he go to Lavender workshop (which is open till midnight, that place is a god-send!) and get it done by 12 midnight. The brother then tip-toed back to my flat and placed the car keys under the front door mat.

All the time, i had trouble getting the husband to go and sleep! He’s usually asleep by 11pm max.
At 12 midnight, i told him to go close the corridor windows cos he was seating by the window and i didn’t want him to see his brother creeping around! Lol

This morning, he was rushing off to work, went to the 2nd floor to retrieve the car, panicked when he couldn’t find it at the same spot. Went up to the 3rd and 4th floor, saw the same car models but not his plate no. Got really confused, went back down to 2nd floor. Saw his plate no but a car with different rims! Hahahaha I can so imagine his reaction. Confirm member berpeluh2!

But all is well. I’m good with keeping surprises under wraps. Totally caught him off guard since it’s not his birthday yet!

3 thoughts on “morning surprise”

  1. Hahahahahhaha i can so imagine how hard it is to keep surprises after marriage! But good job for your surprise success! Dah boleh buat franchise of Suchi Success muahahahaha

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