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and so we’re 3!

3rd Anniversary

and we’re three today! Although i kept thinking it’s only been 2 years.
How did 3 years pass by so fast?

We did not plan anything for this year although we pretty much go for short trips on each Anniversary, this year is an exception because my husband is a pregnancy nazi. He is not ok with me taking flights during the pregnancy although i’m having a pretty normal pregnancy and i see pregnant women travelling for work & holidays all the time! I had to beg him to let me take a flight to KL this November because it’s less than an hour and it’s so close to home.

Yesterday, we were watching some Cooking/Travel Show and they were showing Tom Yam Goong at Krabi and i asked him if it’s okie if we go to Krabi for a short while on my birthday weekend (which is next week hahahahha) because i wanna eat that Tom Yam Goong at Ao Nang.

He gave me a death stare so i assumed that’s a no. I told him i was craving for Tom Yam Goong and he told me to cook it myself. Pffft.

They say pregnant women get everything they want. So not true!

and then i thought maybe we should go to Carousel and pig out but selfish me think it’s not worth it because i cannot eat Sashimi and Oysters and who the hell go to Carousel and not force-feed themselves with Sashimi & Oysters? Definitely not me! I think i’ll either be so sad i can’t eat sashimi & oysters when i’m there or i’ll just try my luck and eat them, and then get salmonella. Hahahahaha

So, it’ll be a stay home anniversary for us with him catching up on Suits on the ipad and me playing Frozen game on my iphone. How interesting. Lol

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chew what?!

I posted this on Facebook this morning so if you are friends with me on FB, you’ve probably seen this but it’s too hilarious to not post it up here


Was watching an early morning cookshow with the husband while eating McD breakfast. Saw the chef toasting some bread.

Sidetrack: it’s actually the show “Giada at Home”. The husband said she looks too pornstar-ish to be hosting a cookshow. Hahaha. Could be the makeup she’s putting on.

He: “Eh… Chewbacca!!”
He: “eh salah, chewbacca Star Wars”
Me: “Hahahaha CIABATTA lah!!!!”

Chewbacca bakar. Wow. Just wow.


The husband spouts nonsense most of the time, really. I’m always laughing at the things he say. He’s so funneh me thinks. But i’m just being biased i know.

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morning surprise


Gave the husband an early morning birthday surprise. Caught him off guard cos his birthday is not till February! New rims & tyres for the man! He got the shock of his life when he went to the carpark, found his car missing initially, only to find it across where he 1st park yesterday and fitted with the new rims & tyres!

Thanks to his brother for being the little elf! All that sneaking around was worth it!
The husband didn’t know his car was out for a spin while he was watching youtube videos at home! Lol

I had to sneak around, steal his keys from his work pants and quietly go to the kitchen window and throw the keys out while the brother was downstairs. Off he go to Lavender workshop (which is open till midnight, that place is a god-send!) and get it done by 12 midnight. The brother then tip-toed back to my flat and placed the car keys under the front door mat.

All the time, i had trouble getting the husband to go and sleep! He’s usually asleep by 11pm max.
At 12 midnight, i told him to go close the corridor windows cos he was seating by the window and i didn’t want him to see his brother creeping around! Lol

This morning, he was rushing off to work, went to the 2nd floor to retrieve the car, panicked when he couldn’t find it at the same spot. Went up to the 3rd and 4th floor, saw the same car models but not his plate no. Got really confused, went back down to 2nd floor. Saw his plate no but a car with different rims! Hahahaha I can so imagine his reaction. Confirm member berpeluh2!

But all is well. I’m good with keeping surprises under wraps. Totally caught him off guard since it’s not his birthday yet!

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The KL Trip

Such an overdue post, i know. But better late than never kan?

We went to KL with the Jentayu family over the CNY weekend.
Fun, fun, fun.

We stayed at the Swiss Gardens Residences which is a typical Serviced Apartment. Love the place. It’s new (masih bau kedai), clean and most importantly, has Free Wi-fi. The breakfast though, could be improved cos there were limited choices.

Nah, tengok gambar. Malas nak cerita panjang2. lol