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two thousand thirteen

this is 2013 in retrospect. Awesome stuff happens in 2013 without me realising it.
I don’t really keep track of everything i’ve done in 2013 but these are the things that stood out to me.

The Card Maison made it’s first debut at the Wedding Expo in 2013.
It was an awesome experience. Tired but very rewarding.


I left the previous company, decided to take The Card Maison on full-time and work from home and a better excuse to fully turn the spare room to my office.


We managed to squeeze in Krabi, Bandung & KL for this year. Even two trips to Batam! Hahaha
Wished we could travel more but the husband got a new job so we postponed all trips to February 2014!
Cos his probation period is over. heehee.


Cried so much over negative pregnancy tests. Picked myself up together and went ahead with the fertility check.
Discovered the blocked tubes and decided on removing them altogether.

Changed my entire skincare routine.


Jentayu went ahead with the album recording. It’s been fun so far but super intense.
Especially when you have so many people with different music background coming together.
But together, we create magic.


I turned 30.
Had a blast turning 30 with a quiet birthday dinner with the hubby at IndoChili.

1072_10151956174883656_1503334732_n (1)

Got myself the 3rd Chanel of the year for my 30th.

Realized i have intense love for Chanel. So i got another one to join the family last week.


I’m really hopeless but this was totally accidental.
I was looking around for something casual in leather. Went to YSL to try the Cassandre but i don’t really like how it sits on my shoulder and it felt bulky on me. Hopped over to Chanel and they happen to have this in store.

Apart from that, i lost a friend but gained another one back.
But that’s a story for another day.

2013 is actually a good year for me. I’ve stopped making resolutions but for 2014, i hope i be a better person. The better person.
Will not allow trivial matters affect my life. 2013 made me stronger and i’m sure 2014 will make me an even stronger person than i already am, Insyaallah.



2014, i’ll buy more bags. hahahhaha

16 thoughts on “two thousand thirteen”

    1. Happy new year babe!

      Yes this is the larger size! I was really lucky cos it was the only piece left and it wasn’t even out on display! The SA took it out from the storeroom cos i told her i want something more casual, not structured like the GST or the flaps but bigger than WOC and she said she had something in mind.

      and then while talking to her, she mentioned she sold a SO BLACK the previous week!!!! I was like “Whuttttttt” she mentioned the So Black was floating around stores for X’Mas. So was some older designs… but in very very limited pieces. Sayang seh…

    1. Happy New Year babe! I was indeed at BPP on sunday! Hahaha
      Should have just said hello! Although im really very oblivious to my surrounding and you would have caught me by surprise. Lol

  1. Have a good 2014 and may your prayers be answered !

    Just remembered my bro booked you to do his wedding card for this year.. can’t wait 🙂

    P/S: Your Chanel looks really good!

  2. I got your message! Aalamak. Nasib baik u tell me. Ok already rectified issue. Help check pls. 🙂 Nyways, I hope 2014 will be a better year for both of us in the TTC department! 🙂 I’ll hv to wait for this 11th to know if I hv to go thru IVF. 🙂

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