The Husband & Wife

who run the world?


I think the husband is gonna kill me when he sees this tomorrow.

When u’re married, you’ll learn new things about your partner and one of those things i’ve learned, my husband rarely get sick, when he does fall sick, u feel like the world is tearing apart. Like everything else does not matter except that he’s running a flu and it’s almost like an epidemic. He’ll sleep for hours and hours, get all cranky and show you that sick face and make you wonder if Flu is really that bad.

On the other hand, i fall sick so bloody often, a flu is chicken mcnugget. I hate to take Panadol or any medications so i’ll just let it go away by itself. You would think for someone who refuse to self-medicate, i would have a better immune system eh?

So yes, i’m just waiting for this flu, cold and blocked nose to go away by itself while i go drink Ribena at the living room. After all, Ribena is chockful of Vitamin C and Vitamin C is good for the immune system, yes?

8 thoughts on “who run the world?”

  1. Haha dah tentu higher tolerance.. that’s why it’s women who give birth, not men. Have u seen that video where they stimulate contractions on these 2 men and they couldn’t take it after just a short time? Hehe..

    But anyway, here’s wishing you both get well soon.. maybe you can try eating kiwi cos it has so much more vitamin C than apples and oranges.. and hot lime juice for the runny nose.. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes i saw that video. showed the husband and told him in details how cramps are for women and he gave me that face macam baby kena suap dengan lemon. Lol

      Thanks babe! Will definitely be stuffing ourselves with Vit C!

  2. Bahaha.. I think guys just want us to ‘baby’ them. I can’t imagine if they have menses cramps – there’d prolly be a self check-in ward for that in every hospital. :-p Get well soon!

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