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cerita kedai mama

I’m hgoing to be another annoying ex-btb and say “kenapa time aku dulu takde cam ni” walaupun aku kahwin tak sampai dua tahun.

Another great idea by Bonito by Bob!

Mama Shop instead of kids favor bags! That way, the kids can choose their own favors lah kan. Mana tau, some kids tak suka coklat, suka makan gula. Ada kids, tak suka makan, suka mainan. You never know!





It wouldn’t be a proper kedai mama kalau takde all these vintage knick-knacks kan?
i love the dingdang but the last time i bought it, the coklat inside is really setotet-net sey.

Oh and that plastic balloon is da bomb! I use to challenge ngan my siblings balloon sapa paling besar.

I honestly think this is a good idea lah. Time to show these young ones that fun is not all about lugging the ipad & smartphones all over!

10 thoughts on “cerita kedai mama”

    1. hahha tu lah! u know that time i pergi at this shop at Jem that sells all these old-school toys and snacks, such a rip-off sey! The planes were goig for at least $3.00.

      i was like wth! Tau dulu i beli banyak2 pas tu 20 years later jual balik. hahhaa

      1. $3?! Melampaunya dorang amek untung.

        Well you can always start now. Collect barang skrg jual 20 years later hahahahaha. Kids’ toys these days are most commonly the tech gadgets seh, not as fun.

      1. Yeah and since she’s my Pri school (and JC friend), it’ll be quite apt cos after school kita pergi kedai buy those 20-30 cents snacks haha

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