of girly times

After the Expo, on Monday, i got up really late, just to make up for all the early mornings and then on Tuesday, i had a date with the bestie, Liza. We met up for lunch at Tong Seng. If you have not heard, Tong Seng Coffeeshop, the one behind Bugis Junction, at Liang Seah Street will be closing down come 15 October 2013 and of course i had to go and pay them a visit before it shut it’s doors. I spent most of my teenage years there! I use to skip classes and go for a 3-hr long lunch break just so i could eat the Mushroom Chicken Noodles, Laksa, Fried Wanton and Sliced Fish soup. Liza and me continues to eat at Tong Seng after we graduated and moved on to working life and previously when Liza was still back in UK, i’ll miss her when i pass by Tong Seng. So yes, Tong Seng held many good memories.

I couldn’t decide on what to eat but i settled for the laksa. No Taugeh, extra cockles. Yum yum.


and then we proceeded to Paragon for some errands and then to Takashimaya!
Can u believe we spent 2 hours in Chanel?! We were touching bags, trying them on and just have a good girly time in there.

Liza finally decided on one of the gorgeous seasonal piece. I can’t seem to find a picture of that bag online!
But it’s such a unique piece. Calfskin leather with gold iridescent. It’s a double sided medium-sized bag and just perfect for her size!

I tried on the jumbo again and asked for Liza’s opinion and yes she said Jumbo is the right size for me. She prefer the Gold Hardware on me and i’m now leaning towards Gold Hardware too! I was so so tempted to just get it already but i made a promise to get it in October.
But oh, i’m liking their Ballerina Flats as well!


Tried it on and the leather is so soft lah! I believe it’s lambskin. But at $940, Liza practically banned me from buying it. she couldn’t justify paying that amount for a pair of flats but i wear flats all the time cos heels make my feets tired!

That girl is so bossy sometimes, i wanna kill her. So maybe i’ll go there and get it when i’m on my own!

The sales assistant was so nice to take this picture of us! I thought after 2 hours, she would be ready to throw us out of the door.


Happy girly time!

The only thing i bought:


i LOVE Chanel Coco Shine. Adding 3 more to my measly 2 pcs.
Coco Shine has to be one of the best lippies i own, next to the YSL ones. I love these so much that i have chucked all my MAC Lippie all the way to the bottom of the drawer. I can’t believe i have been using MAC lippies for so long. Those thing are so drying compared to this! With Coco Shine, i don’t even have to use lip balm prior to application.


and i got my first Laduree box! At $66 for 15 pieces, i told myself it better be exceptionally good and oh yes it is!
It was like sex in the mouth! lol
my favourite has got to be the Chocolate one and the Salted Caramel one.

Anyway, Liza had to reach home by 5pm cos that’s when her kids get back from school so i head home with her to see all my god-children. This small woman have 3 kids, mind you and i’m such a bad god-mom cos i rarely see them!

Here’s my half ang-moh god children. love them to bits!

20130917_180747  20130917_180740

Natalia Aeshah Angwin, the baby of the family.
Such a cutie-pie. Smiles a lot for a three-month old!



Victoria Rose Angwin

Just like her name, this girl feeling very atas, it’s so hard to get her to smile.
i told Liza,, i can totally see her being part of the Mean Girls clan in school. Lol

I didn’t manage to snap a pic of Caden , her first-born but that’s ok cos we’re catching a movie with him next week! 

4 thoughts on “of girly times”

  1. 2 hours in Chanel?! Bestnyeee haha. Go for gold hardware la! Hehe. By the way, mind sharing the colour for the left-most and right-most lipstick? Can you believe that I don’t own and never bought a single lipstick in my life? Haha

    1. yes! Going for Gold Hardware! heh

      The lipstick names are Boy & Saga.
      Go get Chanel ones. The Coco Shine is a bit pricey for a lippie lah, $48.00 a pop but honestly the best if you’re the kind yang tak suka lipstick tebal2. It’s very light, almost like lipgloss on a stick!

      I hate the Coco Rouge though. Very makcik-makcik nya lipstick nya texture. hehe

      1. omg really?
        Between these 2, i prefer Boy for a casual day out cos it’s more mauve-ish and more neutral while Saga is more pinkish

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