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busy bee

I was kept very busy last week at the MegaXpress Expo. There was such great turn-out for all four days that i had to rope in my sister to help me on Saturday and Sunday and luckily i did cos while attending to some clients, there were actually 2 – 3 clients waiting for their turn to put down their deposits. Syukur Alhamdulillah. The response was overwhelming and i wish i had more manpower and space but that’s ok, maybe next time!

I also learned from the previous mistake on the merchandise display during the previous expo and glad i could come up with something easier to carry this time round and also effectively show my products to prospective clients.

Here’s my humble booth!


I DIY-ed this display board 1 day before the Expo and i’m so glad it turned out just as i’ve imagined and this board is her to stay permanently in my office.


All the new designs displayed during the Expo. Got so many compliments on the new designs, Alhamdulilah.
These were the cause of my sleepless nights.


Painstakingly arranged all the designs i have in this book.
Trivia: Do you know The Card Maison is turning 7 next year and i have more than 1000 of designs? *pats back*


My new namecard printed on Ivory card. Love it so much!
The flyers was also designed to showcase the new designs and not indicate the promotions that i’m having so that i can save & re-use it for future events.


Overall layout of the booth. I love that i shared the booth with the others because the booth is forever kecoh!

4 days at the Expo was honestly really tiring considering that i’ve been working from home for few months already so waking up early was something i don’t look forward to. But it was very very rewarding. I get to meet new people, previous clients said hello (very excitedly) & existing clients who just wanna kepo2 see new designs.

Other than that, i really had no time to cook meals for the hubby and i had cooking withdrawals! I actually missed my cooking. Oh my god, tak malu to the max. However, after the expo, i realised there was nothing much in the fridge until i finally had time to head over to do groceries shopping and whipped out this super cheesy lasagna. Both of us mabuk cheese tonight.



Apart from that, guess who was just right across my booth??
Haus of Spa/Kahwin Jitters was just across my booth lah! I did not notice until very much later, because i’m really blur and my eyesight is failing. kidding. haha

I’ve previously bought the Butterfly Pea scrub & the loofahs from her and loved it so much that i knew i have to get few more scrubs from her! I spent $100 and got myself the Batam Hotel voucher. Awesome! Was thinking if i should use it in October, since i cannot go for our Anniversary trip this year. Boohoo! Why did the husband had to change jobs before October? *wails*



She recommend i try the Sleep Balm and it was really good lah! I always burn essential oils in my room before i sleep just so i can sleep better but i don’t have to do it now. I just need to apply this on my temples. It smells of Lavender and u apply it like Vicks. So when i golek2, all the smell will also be passed on to my bantal busuk and now it smells of Lavender. LOVE!

Another one i love is the foot soak! oh my god, it is really love at first soak lah. I think i will buy more of this soon!
It smells so wangi and had actual flowers in it and made my foot all lembut macam baby.

So if you have tried them, tunggu apa lagi? Haus of Spa 

do u know i have so many things to post about tapi tak ada time. But i’m on a roll so expect few more posts ahead!

4 thoughts on “busy bee”

  1. Wah the display board and book are very nice. I think your designs has gotten better and better over the years! (Not that it was bad in the beginning la.. you know what I mean haha). If I have to choose one design now, mesti rambang mata.. everything so niceee

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