Her, The Husband & Wife

No 10.

Finally can take a deeeep breath and relax a bit cos most of the December wedding artworks are ready & printed!
Oh my punyalah ramai orang kahwin bulan 12!

And oh… it’s October!!!!!
I love October for many many reasons.

5th October – Our Engagement Anniversary 
15th October – Our Wedding Anniversary 
25th October – My Birthday! 

Apart from that, it’s also the bestie’s birthday as well and because we love buying cosmetics together, we’ve been receiving sms-es from retailers on discounts etc. Chanel & YSL is offering Free Makeover & gifts. Tangs is giving us 10% off beauty products so i’m expecting some girly girly time with her again!

So no prizes for guessing why i heart October that much.

That also means i’m getting nearer to getting my Flap!

I’ve decided on the Caviar Leather, Gold Hardware and that’s final.
I’ve been deliberating far too long and what made me finally decided on Caviar Leather was because my lambskin WOC is having scratches now. Not very very visible but oh sangat heart pain seh. Especially when people langgar my bag and leave a scratch, sama rasa sakit hati bila my hubby find a scratch on the car! hahaha

So i figured, since i’m getting a Jumbo because of the size and practicality, then Caviar leather it is!

And looking at how obsessed i am with the Flaps, i am already saving for a Red Reissue with gold Hardware. sigh.
I can’t believe i am slaving myself for bags.

Oh and the husband managed to get off-in-lieu for this month so we’re off to Turi Beach for our Anniversary again! Weeeee.
I initially thought since we’ve got a long weekend, we could probably fly to Gold Coast or something. Alas, the flight timings and dates were not in our favour. Wanted to get tickets to Bali / Krabi instead but because it’s super last minute, it was really expensive and so not worth it for a short flight and because it was a long weekend, some of the seats were already snapped up.

but it was a blessing in disguise cos my FIL reminded us about this event we need to attend on 13th october! hahaha
Selamat tak book ticket. So no long weekends! We’ll go on monday and come back on Hari Raya Haji instead!
But that’s ok cos i plan to just laze around, read a book, swim & eat while i’m there.



6 thoughts on “No 10.”

    1. hahahaha i know right?
      As much i would love to have different bags and styles in my wardrobe, i have a feeling i would still be obsessed with Chanel and find every reason to get another one. So much that i have a Chanel fund, apart from my Bag fund. hahahah

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