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Bunga Pahar

Ok i know how some of you BTB really wish you guys can get away with spending $$ for your Bunga Pahar / Sireh Dara cos you don’t see why there is a need to have one but unfortunately, our mother and makcik2 seems to think otherwise.

So, i need to do some sort of a short survey and i realllly hope u guys can help me with because ni antara hidup dengan mati.

2 short polls!

5 thoughts on “Bunga Pahar”

  1. salam, im not sure where to address this, but thought id just try on ur blog. i chanced across ur blog aftr bloghopping; im a mummy of two, enquiring on bhalf of my SIL’s upcoming wedding. where can i source for props for a photobooth shoot? her uncle is intending to DIY the photobooth but we need props and none of us have tt creative juice. could you recommend/advise? appreciate it, thanks so much!

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