The Card Maison

The First!

Ok quick update cos i need to run and get envelopes, collect cards and do some print-jobs.

Honestly, i thought that now that i am working from home, i thought i would have more time to myself. Tapi macam sama aja..

I have been running around for appointments and errands and making sure i come back by 5.00pm to cook dinner for the hubby because i’m one of the nicest wife on earth.

Honestly, i have a lot to update on the blog. The last day at work, the TTC journey thus far some other random stuff but because this is supposed to be a quick post, i shall leave you with this 1st!

FB Poster

Because this is our 1st showcase at the Expo, expect lots of discounts and awesome freebies!! Not kidding you.

I will be collaborating with Pesona Belle Henna as well so u can come over to the booth if you are looking for Henna, Gubahan Hantaran, Sireh Dara & Bunga Rampai as well okie!

Be a gem, help me to spread the word can?
xie xie ni.

5 thoughts on “The First!”

  1. The poster is sooo nice!! Yes blog more about your ttc journey, probably will help more people than you realise 🙂

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