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How I Managed The Wedding Budget

Disclaimer: I know this post is somehow viral now and i really hope you have a good read. 
However, do take note my wedding took place in 2011 and most of the price indicated below is in 2011 ok! Other than that, i hope you have a great takeaway from this entry. 🙂 

Sometimes, i get asked on how much i spend for my wedding. Especially by friends yang dah pasang niat (atau pun dah gatal) nak naik pelamin. lol

and most of the time, i can’t give them an exact amount but i know it was less than $12,000 for our combined wedding.

This is achievable but i believe with much discipline, good contacts and lotsa luck. lol

This may or may not work for some people but then again, i just wanna share on how u can cut cost on your wedding.

Do bear in mind, my wedding was a combined wedding for 800 pax and i started planning for it in less than 9 months cos i got my house in January and have to get married latest by October.

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