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Suka main tiup-tiup?

I was browsing around some wedding blogs (why am i still browsing wedding blogs, i have no idea!) and came across these really cute balloons Save-The-Date Cards.


Basically u just print your wedding details on the balloons and get your guests to inflate the balloons to know the details.

Pretty cool kan? Awesome if you have those fun and colourful wedding themes!

Cool aside, this will not work if you are printing like 500 cards.
The printing on the balloon will cost a bomb. Technically u’re printing twice the amount for your wedding cards so it’ll probably be best you keep this to your dinner reception.

Makcik2 kalau dapat card macam ni, 7 hari 7 malam dia menyumpah korang.
Sesak nafas dia nak tiup belon!

Still on the topic of balloons, we know how balloons always managed to light up the atmosphere and if done correctly, balloons can add a little extra of class to your wedding without making it look like a 3-year old birthday party.

I love the idea of these inverted balloons. Instead of having the ribbons hovering over you, you have the balloons instead, like a chandelier. Pair this with Fairy lights. awesome.

Apparently, the trick to doing this is to just add a marble in the balloon to add the weight!

2 thoughts on “Suka main tiup-tiup?”

  1. Hi Dyan,

    Your blog is really hopeful for BTBs!

    I was wondering if you have the contact numbers of Uncle Jais and the girl who rented the dulang hataran to you? I went to visit Uncle Jais multiply and couldn’t find his works or his contact number.


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