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our 1st ramadhan

Has been pretty awesome, really.

I’ve pretty much try to be more hands-on in the kitchen more, cook more for iftar and i’m happy at the end of the day, when we sit down for iftar, bila dia baca doa buka puasa, satu macam nya feeling yang tersangat best.

Imperfect he may be, in other’s eyes. But i choose to only see the perfect side of him.

This would be our 1st Raya together, and i’m excited to see how our plans would be.

We’ve been buying few things for the house and we just got our kitchen up and running. Been meaning to blog abt that, tapi asyik lupa.

These are what i have been up to in Ramadhan.

Been doing some bakings for fun. None for Raya yet pasal dah habis kita kerjakan.


Chocolate Chip Cookies. The same one i did for my wedding!

Because i was craving for some honey cornflakes after seeing so many on FB!

Chocolate Cornflakes meringues.
These were really really yummy!

Made my 1st muah Chee using the Happycall Pan.

Nutelle Cheesecake for the in-laws because they have sweet tooth like me!

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