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The Burkill Hall Wedding

I don’t know if i have mentioned the Burkill Hall Wedding that Jentayu was performing at, 3 weeks ago but Azmi just uploaded some pictures of the event and i thought i’ll share it with you guys.

I was reading Miss H post on the outdoor locations and remembered i have not posted on my Burkill Hall experience.

That place, is awesome. If you have the $ to spend, go ahead and do it, however, i would suggest you do a dinner party for friends etc and not the whole makcik2 geng nya reception. Cos to go to Burkill Hall requires walking. Lots of it.

Lagik parah kalau case dinner reception, malam2 kena jalan daerah hutan, tak menyumpah makcik korang?

Apart from that logistics plays an issue. I know, cos we had to carry up our entire sound system up to the 2nd floor. That includes the Big speakers. Boleh hilang 5 kilo, turun naik tangga.

But other than that, that place is perfect. Since it’s already gorgeous on it’s own, it does not require much deco. Our customer did minimal deco and it looks pretty already.

and here’s a short video, a short compilation of the performance we did. Now yang ni kelakar seram sikit. Our lead singer was down with bad sore throat for that day, kes bebual pun susah, apa lagi nyanyi,  but we of course can’t cancel the client last minute. Discuss nya discuss, me and the keyboardist had to stand in for Halim. They only managed to find my chords on the day itself and some songs, while i know how to hum to, i just forget what comes after. Thank god for the boys!
For years, i’ve been telling the boys i’m too shy to sing in front of a crowd, and just when i’m ready to, i get thrown into this kind of situation. lol

But it was fun though! It wasn’t easy but i think with practise, i surely can get used to it.No more stage-fright, ma!


Some pictures from the event we did on 18.09.2011.


2 thoughts on “The Burkill Hall Wedding”

  1. You sound really good babe! 🙂 You should consider doing this more often, are you gng to sing at your wedding? I think you should!

    And the venue looks good la, if only….

    1. Thanks babe and yes, i’ll be doing it more often and definitely on my wedding! Hee

      The place is super nice n private. Such lovely place.

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