Musings of a Bride

with 16 days to go..

I would like to declare that i am officially a pengantin paling procastinating. lol

I have yet to pass around my wedding cards to some of my colleagues let alone mail out some of the cards to my ex-colleagues etc.

Tu baru part card k kengkawan.

Bunga pahar yg DIY lom siap. Die-die, by next week nak kena siapkan jugak. My hantaran belom beli. Next week pun die-die kena beli jugak. Poster belom design and belom print. Tu pun die-die next week kena buat. The stickers for the favours pun belom buat. Tu pun die-die next week kena buat. Macam banyak betul benda aku kena buat next week.

But, i finally ordered the cupcakes untuk display depan pelamin selama 8 jam dan juga a Cake and cupcake set for the boy nya hantaran today. So that’s quite an achievement lah jugak.

Yesterday i did a mock up draft of the pelamin and seating arrangement for Uncle Jais. Hopefully he can accede to my request.

I can’t believe, i’m like almost 2 weeks away from my wedding. Cepatnya.
I have yet to edit some of the Hen Party pictures. Will do so soon. Hopefully before the wedding ah. haha

My friends are getting really excited, counting down with me.

Me? I’m excited but scared at the same time. Right now, i’m just taking things as it is.

Insyaallah semua ok.

Ok dah. Nak pergi design poster sekarang jugak!



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