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lunch & dinner

I had a few lunch & dinner dates last few weeks!
All with different people from different phase of my life.

First up is my Carousel lunch date with Ain & Baby Zafran!
Rina was supposed to come with us but FDR just had to be a spoilsport. Hahahahaha

No 3Yummy food at Carousel as usual. My first time having lunch there. I’m usually having dinner there and the food spread for lunch is not bad! In fact, save for a few dishes here and there, it’s close to the dinner spread.

5We managed to squeeze in a picture in the cab although Baby Z was totally not interested lah. Hahaha

Prior to that, we dropped by DFS Scotts and managed to try the Giorgio Armani foundation. I saw so many good reviews on their Silk foundation but i fell in love with the Face Fabric instead! So we got that and the concealer!


Later that week, i met up with Joy & Kim to celebrate Joy’s belated birthday and she requested for Pho4A, the vietnamese place at Jalan Pisang. I’ve been wanting to try that for a while so i was definitely up for it!

7They had limited choices on the menu but the food was nice! The beef broth was quite nice. We also ordered the fried chicken but couldn’t snap the picture before i ngap everything up.

We then moved on to Liang Seah Street to have desserts and that’s where the waffles came from! Awesome desserts but place is so packed.

Next up is dinner with the family to celebrate the March Babies birthday! We have three March babies in the house. 2 of my sisters and my mom so it was the perfect time to gather everyone for dinner.

Love my big family! It’s never quiet when everyone is around and i love my sisters! We use to fight a lot when we were younger but honestly, they are the best i can ask for. They’ve grown up to be such good girls, i rarely get worried over what they get up to at times. You know, it’s really really nice to have sisters. It’s a bond that you can never have with any of your girlfriends or your brothers. Aiyah, very hard to explain but only those with sisters will understand!
No 8

and then there’s that sushi lunch date with my best friend and girlfriend, Gaya who brought along her little angel, Maaya with her.

Had fun catching up again and stuffing myself with sushi and fussing over Maaya.

Later that night, i went to meet up with the ex-colleagues from JobsDB. Lydia’s leaving SG and migrating to Australia and i’ll really miss her. She was one of those few that i was close with during my time there. So it’s really hard to know i can’t meet her during lunch now. But there’s always Nissa to have lunch with when i head over to Jem / Westgate.

and that’s all the lunch & dinner dates i had for the last two weeks or so. I don’t have a lot of close friends. But i appreciate the ones that i have and will always make time for them.


6 thoughts on “lunch & dinner”

    1. Ahhh jom! U let us know bila your next checkup again. Pas tu suruh Ain amik halfday again. Lol

      This time suruh FDR gi work. hahahah

  1. All the food looks good! Been wanting to try that Vietnamese place too! But every time I’m at bugis I’ll end up eating something else, or they close. :/

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