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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen these pictures!
I’ve been trying to eat cleaner meals now. Trying. Because i am just human. Sometimes i falter.
Although my willpower walking through the supermarket aisle, especially the snacks section has improved tremendously. I can walk past all the potato chips like it don’t matter and while i’m no health guru or start downing solely brown rice, i’m steering clear of Fast Food Restaurants, particularly Mc’Donalds and Instant food. Like Instant Noodles.

Throughout these past few weeks, i’ve learnt that in order for you to eat healthily, you have to plan ahead your meals.
Planning your meals ahead will make things easier for you to cook and make you feel less inclined to throw in the towel and just order Mc’Donalds delivery.

Healthy foods can be yummy too. Don’t torture yourself by eating salad only. You can eat healthy and eat yummy food as well.

Eating clean is not a diet. Eating clean is just a lifestyle choice. At this point, losing weight would be a bonus for me but most importantly, i want to make sure i’m not feeding crap in my body and that’s what most fast food and instant meals are.

I try to make sure my meals are colourful as possible and by that i don’t mean aesthetically only but nutrition wise as well and here’s what i’ve tried and eaten so far!

2I found Chencaru while grocery shopping and figured i can stuff that fish with sambal belacan. I’ve replaced white rice with the mixed vegetables and it’s still  quote tummy-filling. I made the sambal belacan earlier and kept in an airtight container so it’s always ready when i need it. I grilled the fish using my happycall pan and then stir fry the mixed vegetables with a little bit of olive oil and oyster sauce and garlic. Since i have some sweet potatoes in the fridge, i marinated those with coriander and fennel seeds and grilled in the oven.


Next up is the Avocado Egg Sandwich. I just mash the eggs as usual but instead of mashing it with Mayonaisse, i used greek yoghurt instead and included avocado for extra creaminess.

02042014One of my favourite has to be the pan-fried salmon! I marinated the salmon with olive oil, rosemary leaves and oregano in a zip-lock bag and left it for 30 minutes before i pan-fry them. Using the same pan, i then grill the pumpkin, seasoned lightly with the all-purpose seasonings.

DSC_0044_InstaOne of the easiest meal to whip up has to be the grilled chicken. Like the pan-fried salmon, i marinated everything in a zip-lock bag for 30mins. The usual suspects – olive oil, oregano & rosemary. However, for chicken, i smash it a little bit so that it’s evenly-cooked.

DSC_0047_instaWhen i’m lazy, i do up an omelette and mixed vegetable combo. I had some left over bananas so i made some banana smoothie to sweeten things up!

DSC_0055Grilled prawn is another favourite of mine! To make sure my tummy is filled, i made some homemade pasta sauce and eat it with wholemeal pasta. Grilled the prawns with olive oil instead of butter with lotsa garlic!

DSC_0050Today, i went to Cold Storage by chance and saw Swiss Bake’s Ciabatta. It’s so hard to find Ciabattas at my area! Made an open top sandwich for lunch with baby spinach, portobello mushroom and smoked salmon slice.  Now if only i know how to make eggs benedict, this meal would be perfect!

DSC_0048I also up my fruits intake and to make sure i eat my fruits daily, i cut them up and store them in individual containers and keep in the fridge. it’s easy and does not take up a lot of time!

DSC_0041 (2)
I also make myself infused drinks!
These are supposedly good for detox.
1 lime, 1 orange, 1 cucumber and mints! Slice them all up and dump it all in a jug filed with cold water.

Lastly, i tried the Overnight oats. Also an easy peasy task. 1 cup of rolled oats, 1 cup of milk & 1 cup of yoghurt. Mix everything and then store in in the fridge. Next day, serve it with fruits. Really nice for breakfast!

Will update the next time i cook new dishes and if you have awesome healthy dishes, share with me! I shall try to eat clean for as long as i can!

12 thoughts on “clean & green”

  1. Wow this looks amazing! I’m trying to eat healthier too (but I also err fall off the bandwagon too many times). What did you sprinkle on top of your banana smoothie? Have you also replaced white rice completely with vegetables?

    1. i sprinkled cinnamon powder on top of my banana smoothie! Unfortunately, i have not replaced white rice. Been trying so hard to do that but fail! But if i cook lotsa vege, i’ll eat w/o rice. But i need to have rice at least twice a week!

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