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trips and treats

For me to churn out back to back posts, i’m obviously bored.

I was supposed to head off to Bandung today with the family to buy our Hari Raya Kain and do the tailoring there and be done with it. But alas, the doctor refused to let me travel cos i need to have another scan tomorrow and it can’t wait till Monday and i don’t wanna be selfish, knowing how long we waited for this and also how much i want this to be a success. So we cancelled the flight and hotel for both of us. But luckily it’s just Bandung lah. Not too ex but it’s stil moneyyyy. Ok, i don’t wanna whine anymore. My family dah pergi pun. Dah sampai Bandung pun. Entah2 tengah sedap makan that Nasi wIth Ikan Bakar. grrrrrrr

But before they left for Bandung, i send a moodboard to my sister. Told her to buy kain for me and tailor 2 baju raya for me & rusly. Very daring of us, knowing how particular i am with the fitting of my baju. But we gave a sample of the most comfortable Baju Kurung for her to bring as samples. Rusly one is very straight forward. He will only wear Shantung material  for his Baju Kurung and always the same style every year. Because it hides his tummy and it makes him look yummy to me. HAHAHAHAHA. Really. My husband look extra handsome when he’s decked out in traditional wear. I say one.

I opted for something simpler this year. Mainly chiffon with some border lace Baju Kurung.
Opted for something more flowy so i can stuff myself silly during Raya Open house and it’ll be easier to sit on the floor. Especially when there’s so many people in a house at one time.

Why are we talking about Hari Raya already seh.
I better stop before i start craving for that Pulut Kuning and Rendang Daging again. sigh.

I just hope i can go for that KL day trip with the girls next Saturday. I really really wanna go seh. I hope the doctor let me go. Kalau tak boleh jugak, i’ll go book another flight out somewhere May or June before puasa. I WANT GYUKAKU and i wanna borong Inglot cosmetics. I don’t know why we don’t have Inglot here.



They have such a huge range of colours for everything and the price is reasonable.

As of now, i can order online but they don’t ship directly to Singapore. So i’ll have to use a third party. If anyone is keen to order anything from Inglot (except nail polishes) let me know? Maybe we can combine orders.


4 thoughts on “trips and treats”

  1. I really salute your determination and canceling your trip. If it was me, I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that. :/ I love Chiffon! And with lace makes the chiffon looks so pretty. Haha.

    1. Between the trip to the doctor and the bandung trip, the former is more important to me although i would love it if i can have the best of both world. hahahaha

      I love chiffon too! So cooling.

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