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Halfway Through

The previous IVF post was getting too long with updates. I’m halfway through IVF now so i reckon it’s time to do a new one and update from here instead. 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

We are back from our hospital appointment! Had a bad blood test experience again. I blame it on my narrow veins though cos the nurses there are so nice, it’s hard to find fault with them. Hahaha
But really, the malay nurse is the one who always had to take my blood test and all this while she’s been doing it at my left arm. But taking blood test every two days at the left arms results in bruises and she was really reluctant to draw out any blood from my left arm again today. But she couldn’t find any veins on my right arm. She tried to draw blood my right hand instead. Which is really painful by the way. I’ll give you my juicy arms anytime but my hands are kinda off limits, now that i know how painful drawing blood from your hand is. So anyway, she attempted to draw blood from my right hand and halfway through the vein collapsed. It was so painful when she withdrew the nurse and for the first time, i cried while taking my blood test. So embarassing! Hahahaha

But the nurses were so nice. Told me to go ahead and see doctor, do vaginal scans 1st, go down have breakfast and drink water and come back for blood test and that’s just what i did.

After breakfast, i told the nurse to go ahead and draw blood from my left arm. It’s bruising but at least it does not hurt. However, the vein is now very sensitive. I can totally feel the needle when she’s withdrawing it. Sigh.

But all is well with the scans! Here’s the numbers so far.

Right ovary: Total 9 Follicles 
Sizes: 14, 13.5, 13,10.5, 10 & 9.5 mm

Left Ovary: Total 4 Follicles 
Sizes: 20, 14.5, 13.5 & 11mm

My uterine lining is now 14mm. Minimum lining thickness have to be at least 8mm i think and according to the doctor, my lining is nice & thick.

I have one over mature follicles on my left ovary. So we’re concentrating on the rest instead.

My next appointment is this coming monday. Hopefully, i get to do the trigger shot by Tuesday and then do the Oocyte Retrieval on Thursday.

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Monday,   21 April 2014

Back from NUH! The follicles are growing well and doc said we might do the trigger shot tonight and then proceed with the egg retrieval this wednesday! If we manage to do the retrieval this wednesday, the transfer will be on Saturday! Things are moving so fast!

That also means i have to forego the KL Trip with the girls. Pretty bummed about it but i can always go KL next time.

I have to be back to NUH at 2.00pm. We’re waiting for the blood test report to be out as a final confirmation to proceed with the Egg Retrieval on wednesday.

Back from my 2nd appt today at NUH. Our ER date is confirmed to be wednesday.

Right Ovary: 9 Follicles
Size: 19.5, 17.5, 16.5, 15, 14 & 11.5mm

Left Ovary: 4 Follicles
Size: 25, 21.5, 19 & 16mm

Im on Day 11 of stimulation. Doing my trigger shot, Suprefact tonight.
My oocyte retrieval is this wednesday.
My transfer is scheduled for Saturday.

My E2 Level is 6293 and my lining is 13mm as of today.

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Wednesday.  23 April 2014 

I did my Oocyte Retrieval today.  Procedure is scheduled for 12.00pm at the Day Surgery Centre.
Was there at 10.00am. Rusly had to submit his sperm sample at 9.30am at the ANdrology Lab.

They put me on the IV Drip, send me back to my room and waited till 11.45am before the nurse brought me to the Operating Theatre. The OT is significantly smaller than the one i’ve been in for the Laprascopy Surgery.
They put me on GA and oxygen mask and next thing i know, at 12.45pm, i woke up feeling very groggy. It was a quick procedure.

I had this crampy and bloated feeling after that and my throat hurts from the GA.
When i got back to the ward, the nurses told me they retrieved 6 eggs. I’ve already anticipated 6 because i read somewhere if your E2 level is 10,000+, u’ll most likely have 10 eggs. My E2 level was 6000+ so i’ve already prepared myself for 6 eggs. Got discharged at about 5.00pm once the doctor have confirmed that i can pee naturally. Although it was quite painful cos i’m all bloated.

Today, i also found out i have another cycle buddy apart from Tini!
Ayn PM-ed me on Facebook asking if i’ve done my IVF and turns out she did her egg transfer last saturday.
So now i have two cycle buddies and hopefully we all get lucky and have the same due date next!

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Thursday, 24 April 2014 

The embryologist called this morning. Out of the 6 eggs. Only 3 are matured and out of those 3 matured eggs, only 2 are fertilised currently. I don’t know what is the quality of the eggs yet but i’m pinning hopes on these 2 fighters.
While i really hope they are of the best quality, i am now just praying that they are growing everyday and can be transferred back to me. We have decided to transfer 2 embryos instead of 1. So we won’t be freezing any right now.

Today is also the start of all my progesterone pills that have to be inserted vaginally.
Totally not looking forward to that!



7 thoughts on “Halfway Through”

  1. Hu hu hu…. my next appt is on Monday as well and I is so scared after reading your entry. Just getting around to update mine by tonight. 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to read your update! Hope the cramps has subside so far. Lupa nak whatsapp you after the appointment the other. Too flat from all the appointment. Penat mcm kerja construction. Haha

      So far u’re only taking Gonal-F eh? Pretty sure you need to start on Cetrotide or smtg similar soon to stop natural ovulation. 1st jab of a new drug selalu sakit. But amazingly after that tak sakit sgt!

    1. hahaha i asked my nurse the same question tadi. cos my last E2 level is 2454. Within 2 days jumped to 6000+ but she said they wanted that to happen. Higher hormone levels mean i’m all good for retrieval.

  2. Let’s hope for these 2 fighters to stay strong and grow!

    The progesterone pill has to be inserted vaginally? Ooh man! That’s something to not look forward to!

    Baby dust to you babe!

    1. yes im hoping too!
      and yeah lah. inserted vaginally. kalau 1 tak pe.
      3 in the morning. 4 in the afternoon and another 3 at night!

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