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So i got my Morphe brushes the other day! It was such a pleasant experience so i have to tell u about it! Been seeing Morphe brushes in some youtube videos but recently a friend asked if i might want to order but cos her palette was oos, we didn’t but i really wanted to get the brushes so i googled for a local online store who might carry it and turns out Coma Makeup does!

They sell various brands in their website including Morphe and not the kind where everything also out of stock. They have ready stock for most of the brushes! The price is off course higher than the original price but if u exclude the Shipping price and also the waiting time, i think it’s worth paying slightly more. If you subscribe to their newsletter, u’ll get a 10% discount code!


Don’t you love it when your purchases are packaged nicely like this! So here’s what i got. All pictures from Coma.


I love fluffy crease eyeshadow brush like this. I love my Sigma ones and this is just as good. Great to blend blend blend your crease area.


M523 – TAPERED POWDER – $26.00
I LOVE THIS ONE! I use this for my contouring and by far the best contour brush. Not too fat and not too thin!


E4 – ANGLED CONTOUR – $24.00
I use this for my blusher and so far so good. It’s about the same as my Mac one, but cheaper. Lol


G4- ANGLED BRUSH – $25.00

I’m still undecided if i like this one. I bought this to use as a loose powder brush but i think it’ll be better as a buffer brush instead.


M439 – DELUXE BUFFER – $24.00
If you use liquid foundation, you need to get this!! I love this one.
I’m used to applying my liquid foundation with the beauty blender but i’ve found a new love. This applies foundation beautifully! I use less product with this brush cos the bristles retain products pretty well and i can do a medium coverage pretty well with this.

If you spend above $50, you get free express courier and i received my order the next day!

Are u sick of reading about makeup already cos i have Colourpop & Dose of Colors lipstick in the other day and they’re beautiful. Lol.

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Sephora Haul!

So if you read me on twitter, u know i was really excited about the Sephora Black Card Sale. Then if you follow me on snapchat (@deardyan), you probably have seen me going to Sephora, buying stuff and all. I didn’t go crazy although i didn’t really follow the list i had. I really wanted to just get 3 items only but end up with so much more. Lol

Here’s what i got and the prices i’ve listed is before the 20% off. If you have the Sephora Black Card, go over to Sephora and spend all your money there! lol. 20% storewide for all brands. You can also buy it online but there are limited brands available.

So here’s what i got! Anyway, this is just a haul post. Not an in-depth review post cos i lazy to do reviews. I just want to poison you guys to go spend at Sephora. Tu je. hahahah

2016-05-05 16.19.09Benefit Pore-fessional Primer – S$54.00
My favourite Primer! i love how this feels on my skin upon applying and it does not make me feel suffocated. I’ve purchased this repeatedly and the SA recommended me this set cos it’s the same price as the Pore-Fessional tube itself.

2016-05-05 16.19.42
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 30ml – S$114.00
I’ve recently changed my skincare to Estee Lauder and love it, even though i broke out a bit cos my skin was purging out the bad stuff and all but the breaking out has stopped so i’m pretty sure it’s not because it’s not suitable for my skin. I love how my skin feels in the morning just by using the Idealist Pore Refinisher serum and i’ve read so many good things about this iconic serum so i just had to try it. It is definitely pricey so grabbing it at 20% is definitely worth it! I wish they had the 50ml one instock cos that would be much more worth it but the SA told me they ran out of it this morning. Urghh.

2016-05-05 16.23.58
2016-05-05 16.24.31BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop – S$58.00
I love watching Jaclyn Vlogs and when this 1st came out, i was contemplating if i should but it cos i’m scared it’ll make me look like a disco ball cos of all the shimmers and all. But i love this at the 1st swatch. It’s so so smooth and it’s not white/silver so it’s not too bright and the glitters are super fine so it reflects light nicely without making me look like a disco ball.

So those top three were actually in my list to buy. But of course when you go Sephora, your list all ke laut and you end up swatching or trying other stuff so i got these as well.

2016-05-05 16.20.49-1NARS Blusher in Amour – S$50.00
Always in my to-buy list. I love NARS blushers. Only the Matte ones cos the glittery ones are too glittery tak ingat dunia. Amour is such a nice colour, a medium pink that i’ve not had in my collection so far.

2016-05-05 16.21.49
This is the closest i can get to the actual colour! LOVE!

2016-05-05 16.22.33
MAC Select Moisturecover – S$32.00
I need to replace my undereye concelaer cos the Giorgio Armani one that i’ve been using is finishing soon. Yaaaaayyy! Finally! So anyway, the MAC Beauty Advisor told me that MAC is pulling out of Sephora so this would be the last 20% off you’ll ever get from MAC so if you need to stock up MAC stuff, do it now!

2016-05-05 16.22.50
Percy & Reed Blow Dry Makeover Spray – S$26.00
I’ve not tried this before but i’ve been using the Hairspray and i like it. I hope i like this as well! I always style my hair with the Babyliss Big Hair thing and while i love how fluffy my hair is after the blow session, i wish it’ll stay as fabulous even longer and the current humid weather is not helping. I really really hope this would help! And i’ve not not blogged on my new hair! Soon soon. But if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen it already it’s practically old news. Haha

2016-05-05 16.23.22
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – S$35.00
Amboi nama kau. controversial abis girl. I’m hard to please when it comes to Mascaras and my holy grail mascara has always been L’oreal Voluminous Mascara.
But it’s hard to find it in SG cos it seems like they no longer bring it in locally and i use to buy it from Drugstore / Amazon. I’m on my last tube ( i always buy a few so i don’t have to keep buying it) so i thought it’s the best time to try and see if this lives up to the hype. So far i like the tube packaging! So nice & sturdy! But packaging lawa pun tak guna kalau the actual product hampeh. So we’ll see!

2016-05-05 16.22.13
Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, 30ml – S$22.00
I picked up this Travel Size Setting Spray cos it’ll be convenient to bring for my travels or even on days i know i’ll be out the whole day. To be honest i picked this up while waiting at the cashier counter. Padahal i’m expecting the full size of the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray in the mail very soon tapi tetap mentel nak beli cos i wanna see if there’s any difference. So Sephora is really jahat to put all these travel size stuff at the cashier payment line. .Dangerous. Lol

So that’s my total haul for today! Total damage: S$312.00
The total bill was originally S$391.00 but i save S$78.20 (yaaaaay!!)

If you’re considering to go to the Sephora Sale, please go! It’ll run till this Sunday, 8 May 2016. I went in the morning, at 10.30am and there were not much crowd. Payment counter was pretty fast. I waited less than 10 mins. But expect a huge line on weekends afternoon especially.

Go lah buy something. I’m sure you can find something. Lol

I have another Haul post coming up. Morphe brushes!
I’ve been on a spending spree lately, it’s worrying. Hahaha.

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trips and treats

For me to churn out back to back posts, i’m obviously bored.

I was supposed to head off to Bandung today with the family to buy our Hari Raya Kain and do the tailoring there and be done with it. But alas, the doctor refused to let me travel cos i need to have another scan tomorrow and it can’t wait till Monday and i don’t wanna be selfish, knowing how long we waited for this and also how much i want this to be a success. So we cancelled the flight and hotel for both of us. But luckily it’s just Bandung lah. Not too ex but it’s stil moneyyyy. Ok, i don’t wanna whine anymore. My family dah pergi pun. Dah sampai Bandung pun. Entah2 tengah sedap makan that Nasi wIth Ikan Bakar. grrrrrrr

But before they left for Bandung, i send a moodboard to my sister. Told her to buy kain for me and tailor 2 baju raya for me & rusly. Very daring of us, knowing how particular i am with the fitting of my baju. But we gave a sample of the most comfortable Baju Kurung for her to bring as samples. Rusly one is very straight forward. He will only wear Shantung material  for his Baju Kurung and always the same style every year. Because it hides his tummy and it makes him look yummy to me. HAHAHAHAHA. Really. My husband look extra handsome when he’s decked out in traditional wear. I say one.

I opted for something simpler this year. Mainly chiffon with some border lace Baju Kurung.
Opted for something more flowy so i can stuff myself silly during Raya Open house and it’ll be easier to sit on the floor. Especially when there’s so many people in a house at one time.

Why are we talking about Hari Raya already seh.
I better stop before i start craving for that Pulut Kuning and Rendang Daging again. sigh.

I just hope i can go for that KL day trip with the girls next Saturday. I really really wanna go seh. I hope the doctor let me go. Kalau tak boleh jugak, i’ll go book another flight out somewhere May or June before puasa. I WANT GYUKAKU and i wanna borong Inglot cosmetics. I don’t know why we don’t have Inglot here.



They have such a huge range of colours for everything and the price is reasonable.

As of now, i can order online but they don’t ship directly to Singapore. So i’ll have to use a third party. If anyone is keen to order anything from Inglot (except nail polishes) let me know? Maybe we can combine orders.


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Colour Haul

Few weeks back, just before my meet-up with Rina & Ain, i went to Sephora to look for a Face Primer but came out with lots of other stuff as well!

I was deliberating between few primers. Wanted to try out the Sephora Face Primer since it received rave reviews but upon sampling it, i didn’t like the texture. Most of these primers are silicone-based and i don’t know about you but i don’t like that silicone feeling on my face. It has the same texture as Smashbox’s and then i decided to try Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer. I’ve actually wanted to try this for the longest time but never did. I chose Mauve, No 2 and i love it.


It has a creamy texture and blends into my skin effortlessly. It also has a brightening effect. Great for sallow Asian skins and made my foundation last so much longer!

So, just before i paid for the primer, i ‘accidentally’ chanced upon Tarte Cosmetics. You know i had no idea Sephora Singapore carries them! So i went a little crazy swatching the blushers and the lipsticks.
I fell in love with their Amazonian 12-hour Clay Blush. Specifically the one in Charisma shade but they were out of stock. It’s such a pretty shade of coral with subtle shimmer and not in-your-face glitters. So i got mine in Tipsy instead, a matte coral shade.


I know it looks scarily bright here. But it brings a natural flush to my face, it is now my go-to blush each time i go out.


I couldn’t resist getting their mascaras as well. Look at the packaging. Glamour kan! Hahaha
This mascara lengthens my lashes like no tomorrow although i’m pretty sure it will dry up really fast and i’ll have to get another one soon. Just like my YSL one. Works really good, but so hard to remove and dries up too fast.


Last item i got, this time from Luxola.
Sleek Face Contour Kit. I’m still figuring out the proper way to contour my face without looking very bapok.
So this powder kit would be a good start. It’s cheap and so far blends pretty well.
I don’t think i’ll ever use cream contour kit. That would be too much for me and can u imagine all that cream on my oily face? Boleh main slide2 agaknya.

On another note, i cleared my cosmetics area this morning, threw away some that might have expired and took some photos. Maybe next time!

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i was looking to change my skincare routine as SKII does not seem to work for me anymore and Philosophy & Clarisonic came to mind cos of all the great reviews.

20131022_185957 20131022_190111

I got the Clarisonic Mia 2 because it has two speed settings and 2 years warranty. See, perangai makcik2 dah terserlah.
It’s $215.00 at Sephora and there’s actually an older version at $170.00, with 1 speed setting and 1 year warranty.

Based on the three times i have used it, AWESOME!
My face feels so clean. I didn’t expect it to be so gentle though so that’s a plus! The bristles were really fine & delicate so it does not scratch your face lah. The last thing i want would be scratches.

And then at Philosophy, i got served by this Angmoh guy who use to be a fireman back in California and now selling skincare! i just find that hilarious actually. Lol

I was actually looking for the Clear As Day range but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore yet. So i got a mix of everything.
I have Oily Skin and some of my main concerns include Dull Complexion, Dark Circles, Acne scars & dark spots.

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Since i am out and about in the car doing deliveries, by that i mean my husband driving all over singapore while i stare aimlessly and try not to irritte him too much because tgh puasa, cranky mengalah org mengandung!

I did these eyelash extension last 2 weeks just to try them out before Raya. Cos i’ve heard it could be a lil uncomfortable for 1st timers so i didn’t wanna risk snapping on my relatives on 1st Day Raya because of my eyelash vouge ni kan.

Xiaxue had this promo advert on her blog and so i decided on Caragheen which was conveniently located at Liang Seah St.

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