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i was looking to change my skincare routine as SKII does not seem to work for me anymore and Philosophy & Clarisonic came to mind cos of all the great reviews.

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I got the Clarisonic Mia 2 because it has two speed settings and 2 years warranty. See, perangai makcik2 dah terserlah.
It’s $215.00 at Sephora and there’s actually an older version at $170.00, with 1 speed setting and 1 year warranty.

Based on the three times i have used it, AWESOME!
My face feels so clean. I didn’t expect it to be so gentle though so that’s a plus! The bristles were really fine & delicate so it does not scratch your face lah. The last thing i want would be scratches.

And then at Philosophy, i got served by this Angmoh guy who use to be a fireman back in California and now selling skincare! i just find that hilarious actually. Lol

I was actually looking for the Clear As Day range but unfortunately it is not available in Singapore yet. So i got a mix of everything.
I have Oily Skin and some of my main concerns include Dull Complexion, Dark Circles, Acne scars & dark spots.

These are what i got, based on the SA recommendations and my own research.


The Purity Made Simple Gel Cleanser, more suitable for Oily Skin.
Total Matteness. To be used after cleansing as a pore reducer. But the SA told me not to use it at night though cos somehow it will make your skin generates more oil.


Miracle Worker Eye Cream & Dark Spot Corrector. 
Now i’ve heard so much about this range. It is more concentrated. Especially the eye cream as it contains Retinoid.
Most eye creams i’ve used so far only contains Retinol, which is an extract of Retinoid. So I’m really hoping it will somehow diminish my dark circles cos it’s honestly bothering me. It does not help that i’m quite fair so dark eye circles are more obvious.

The dark spot corrector is supposed to help me with my acne scars and my pigmentation and this was raved by Dr Oz so i’m really excited to try this!


Another hot favourite has got to be their Hope in a Jar moisturiser.
I got the Oil Free one for Day and the Night one, obviously for night time.


What i was really really excited to try on is the Microdelivery Peel. I used it last night and saw instant results, i was truly amazed.
My skin was really smooth and it brightens up my face, giving that glow i yearn for. :p
However, because it’s quite concentrated, i can only use it once a week. They have another face peel that you can use daily but it’s currently only available in US so i’m gonna get it from Sephora US site together with some others that the SG Outlet don’t carry.


My entire loot!

My angmoh SA is so so generous. maybe because i came really quite early and mood dia is really baik. Maybe he’s a mornig person!

Because it was my birthday month, i got 50% off 1 item so i chose the most expensive item of the lot, the Microdelivery Peel (UP: $109.00) and saved 50% on that!

Philosophy also had this Stamp card where they give you 1 stamp for every $50.00
I managed to get 10 stamps and in turn i got 3 items for Free!
1. Travel Kit worth $38.00 (The travel kit can easily last me 3 months cos it’s all deluxe sized samples)
2. Body Scrub (full size)
3. Hope in a Jar Oil-Free Moisturiser (full size)

Apart from that, the SA threw in a whole bag of samples of serums, sunscreens and entah apa2 lagi lah.
He basically gave me a sample of everything of what he had! I even caught him saying  “what else can i give you” to himself.


My current skincare regime, updated!

I really hope to see results in 4 weeks! By then i’ll update again ok!



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