Shopping Spree

this week

It’s the Birthday week and i’m already having fun going for shopping sprees.
Just today, i met Liza for a trip to Jem to get our Clarisonic Mia 2 from Sephora and then we ‘accidentally’ passed by Pazzion and got our matching sandals.

i swear it wasn’t intentional but me and the bestie just have the same taste in almost everything!
Even in school, we end up  buying same shoes etc because we just happen to like the same thing. But we’ll make sure we don’t wear it out together. That would be so boria-ish. hahaha


My super cute god-daughter No 2. Natalia Aesyah Angwin.
really love this girl cos she’s always smiling away!

oh and something really stupid happened today. Liza forgot to bring Natalia’s milk powder! She brought everything out, except the Milk powder! LOL

So she went to the NTUC and bought 1 tin of Milk Powder and went everywhere with that tin of Milk Powder.
I swear, after having 3 children, she’s getting really forgetful!

Anyway, i met Rina, my ex-colleague at Clementi Mall after that cos she wanted to give me an early birthday treat so off we go to Seoul Garden.  had a good catch up over bbqing yummy beefs.
As much as i love the old workplace, looking at the current situations, i’m glad i left that place 🙂


Tomorrow is even more exciting. I ‘m heading to Town to get Philosophy Skincare. read so much raves about it that i’m gonna change my entire skincare routine and then there’s Chanel.

Getting the Jumbo tomorrow, baby!
I cannot wait!

And then after that, i’ll be doing up my eyelash extensions. Been so long since i do up mine!

8 thoughts on “this week”

  1. Happy Advanced/Belated (not sure which) Birthday! I can’t wait for you to rock out your jumbo… Mesti jambu punye! 😉

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