The Big 30

Officially in the 30’s club. But i am always always young at heart!

At 30, i wish i have achieved more than what i have now but syukur Alhamdulilah for all that He has given me so far.
All the experience and the opportunities given were priceless and i will not trade them for anything.

To cut the story short, i think everybody is excited for that Jumbo!


I went to the Chanel at Taka! Love the service there although that place is totally littered with rich indons & Arabs!

I had to get the SA to bring out at least 3 bags before i finally chose the one i had.
Not sure if i should be happy about this, but Chanel is quite inconsistent with their bag.
the 1st bag, i don’t like the texture of the leather. The caviar was too raised up, making it feel too rough.
The 2nd bag, i don’t like the quilting. It wasn’t puffy enough for me.

The 3rd bag was perfect! The SA told me this is because it is all handmade so it will never be 100% similar.

So i guess it’s good to buy your own and choose the one u really like instead of getting someone to buy it for you overseas.


I was too lazy to re-wrap the box with the ribbons! LOL



I received the white dustbag and the magnetic box because the Jumbo is part of the Iconic Bag.
The other bags, seasonal & Le Boys will get the Black Dustbag and normal black box.

I feel that the Iconic ones are actually nicer! Heh.



My new baby.

I chose the one with Gold Hardware but i’m not sure why it’s not showing up in pictures.
I am so in love with it, i’ve been staring at it ever since. LOL

And you know how i felt in love with the Enchained?

I saw it in stores and totally love it! But the medium one was sold out and they were left with the Large Size.
It’s quite heavy (look at those chains lah!) so the Large one would be really heavy and i had my eyes and heart set on the medium one actually since i already have a Jumbo and both Taka & MBS were out of it, and they are expecting the new stocks to come in soon.

So….. I put my name on wait list.

i know i know. kemarok.
and if i keep this up, i’ll go bankrupt.

But it’s seasonal. I’ll never see it again if i don’t get it now. Β What do u think?
Should i just go get it or just enjoy my Jumbo right now?

My rationale is, it’s in Lambskin and it’s the Boy Series.
And it’s medium size!

17 thoughts on “The Big 30”

  1. Bestnye bestnyeeeeee haha. Why no mod pics! I wonder if I’ll be too paiseh to ask to see a few bags before deciding, though I know I should! Ahh the enchained is soo yummy.

    1. model shots soon! Im waiting for my full length mirror to arrive! Hahaha My husband is hopeless with taking mod shots!

      eh you should ask to see few bags honestly, u will be amazed as to how different they all are. I mean for those handmade ones ah. Like Hermes & Chanel. Not very very different macam those hideous replicas lah. but they do not exactly look identical.

  2. Happy (exact or belated?) Birthday! Since I’ve already wished you in advance haha.. Wah, Chanel at 30! I never thought I would spend so much money on a bag, but now I think saving for it (after the wedding’s over and done with) and treating myself to a designer bag at 30 is a good idea! I would have 2 plus years to save for it! Jadi ah! Hehehe..

    1. Today is belated already. Heh
      It’s on the 25th. Yes i started saving for the Chanel after i got married. That was 2 years ago.
      I figured since i don’t have a kid yet and the extra commitment, i better do it now because when i have a kid, i’ll be lugging diaper bags instead. hahaha

  3. Happy Happy Birthday again! Super jambu your bag πŸ˜€ Now then I know it’s handmade… That makes it all the more worth getting! As for whether you should get the other bag… heh, I was sold at Boy series πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes it’s all assembled and material is cut by hand. tapi stitching if im not wrong pakai machine.
      But the Hermes Birkin & Kelly totally handmade. Even the stitching. Hence the mahal-nak-mampos price tag! LOL

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