Eat Clean

clean & green

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen these pictures!
I’ve been trying to eat cleaner meals now. Trying. Because i am just human. Sometimes i falter.
Although my willpower walking through the supermarket aisle, especially the snacks section has improved tremendously. I can walk past all the potato chips like it don’t matter and while i’m no health guru or start downing solely brown rice, i’m steering clear of Fast Food Restaurants, particularly Mc’Donalds and Instant food. Like Instant Noodles.

Throughout these past few weeks, i’ve learnt that in order for you to eat healthily, you have to plan ahead your meals.
Planning your meals ahead will make things easier for you to cook and make you feel less inclined to throw in the towel and just order Mc’Donalds delivery.

Healthy foods can be yummy too. Don’t torture yourself by eating salad only. You can eat healthy and eat yummy food as well.

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