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Just keep swimming!

Two weeks ago, Nadya had her first swimming experience!
Rusly had to go Desaru for a company trip and it was a bit leceh if i wanna tag along and all and i think Desaru is boring so i didn’t bother. Lol

So i took the opportunity to sleep over at my parent’s place! It’s been so long since i’ve slept over and also cos my nieces & nephew is sleeping over as well, so we had a cousin sleepover for Nadya. Not that dia paham apa2 pon. She was just happy with all the attention they gave her. Suka lah dia banyak orang layankan dia.

We also took that opportunity to bring all the kids for swimming! Including Nadya! Actually mak dia tau yang sibuk nak swimming. But really i just want Nadya to get used to the pool cos she’ll be starting her swimming classes next week! It’ll officially commence this Saturday but we’ll be in Penang so we had to skip a class. Kesian anak aku, kecik2 mak dia dah ajar skip class semua. tsk.

We bought her swimsuit from the Baby Fair. Got it at $55.00 instead of $70.90 here. Initially wanted her to wear those really cute and skimpy swimwear tapi macam kesian pulak. Dah lah siang2 kena belajar swimming, celup dalam air semua. So i figured just invest in a good one for her swimming classes since she’s gonna spend 30mins per class!

And i didn’t regret one bit of buying her that swimming suit. Even though material dia step macam nak gi diving. Cos after all those swimming, and i went to the shower room to rinse her, i noticed that her body wasn’t wet from all that swimming! So technically she was really ‘protected’ from the cold water. Well, except for her legs ah. No wonder she didn’t cry that much when i submerged her body in the water. Lol

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a short insta-video cos the other videos i took were so noisy! Blame it on my nieces! Macam mak-neneks!

Nadya swimming classes will be conducted by Smile Swimmers. Got a positive feedback from one of my friend who sent her baby for the classes so now i’m excited to get Nadya started. I’m no tiger mummy, in case you think i’m so kiasu to be sending Nadya for classes when she’s not even a year old! I just think that swimming is a life skill that we would benefit from and it helps with baby’s motor skills and water confidence. Doesn’t help that both mummy & daddy are fond of swimming and will carik chance to swim anytime. So yes, our child need to know how to swim. Apart from that, i also want Nadya to be exposed to people at a young age, preferably people her own age and not some cheekopek lah kan. I just think that social skills starts from young. At least that’s what my parents said lah.

Cos my mom said they brought me out jalan2 ALL the time even before her pantang ended. So i grew up being quite receptive of people and i hope Nadya will turn out to be the same. InshaAllah.

3 thoughts on “Just keep swimming!”

  1. Smile Swimmers! Juhd is attending lessons from them too! Super fun (and scary sometimes) to watch these babies do their thing!

  2. Investing in swimwear is a good move! Intisar used to catch colds every time we come back from the pool. But after I got her the diving suit like material nye swimsuit no more colds after her swims (splash). Lol!

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