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Race to the end!

My 2ww is coming to an end soon! My blood test is finally tomorrow! 
So far here’s what i had during the 2ww. 

1st – 3rd Day after Transfer: 
Cramps and twinges at my abdomen area. I still go out for dinner and to my mum place because of my sister’s merisik session. The next day i went for a jamming session and on monday i went to the recording studio to do the final mix. But i make sure i don’t walk too much. No shopping trips for the 1st week. 
Most of the time i rest at home but i don’t lie down all the time. I had really long vivid dreams. Must be all the medications. 

4th – 7th day after transfer: 
I start to have heavy discharge. Very creamy lotiony type of discharge. Very little cramps. I also had loose stools. Not exactly diarrhea cos it was a once-a-day-affair but definitely loose stools.
I was starting to wonder if it is even gonna be successful but i kept my hopes high. 

8th – 10th Day after Transfer: 
Cramps started again. Now even more intense. But other than that it’s quite uneventful. I’ve not had any implantation bleeding so far. There was also one night where i had a bad indigestion and could only sleep at 5.00am. 

9th – 11th Day after Transfer: 
Craving for oily & grubby food. Got quite bloated and gassy. Kept burping and passing wind. It was quite embarassing actually. But they said bloating & being gassy is normal cos of all the progesterone inserts. Got very tired easily. Sleepy by 9.00pm and in the morning, i’ll have this slight headache which will eventually go away. 

Today is my Day 12 of transfer and i hope we get a good beta for tomorrow’s blood test!
So exciting! 

3 thoughts on “Race to the end!”

  1. Hi there, thanks so much for your sharing. you are very organised writer.
    when it comes to information, you helped to group them together. Sharp and sweet. to the point. I just started my 2WW, my suitation very similar to yours. NUH, but Dr Anu, similar #of follicles, egg, fertilised egg. I hope i could strike like u too 🙂
    keeping my hope high.

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