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The Raya Announcement

Eid Mubarak!

On this special day, the husband and i’ve decided (at the very last minute) to just go ahead and announce our pregnancy on social media.

To be honest, we only decided to announce because we have friends and family who have been leaving baby-related comments on our social media posts and it’s pretty obvious already. LOL
and also because i’ll need to announce to The Card Maison future clients soon because i’ll have to close orders for April & May weddings soon as i’ll be on Maternity leave in from late December to February.

photo 2
So yes, we are finally pregnant! Yaaaaaayyyy!

With that, i have also un-privatised my posts on the The IVF Journey and The Pregnancy.

I first announced my pregnancy a few days after our positive blood test here. So you can now read how excited i was upon finding out.

I’ll be 4 months pregnant tomorrow . Almost halfway through the pregnancy. So fast!

This would be our last Hari Raya as two, Insha Allah. Next year will be a whole different story.


What i managed to whip out on malam raya. Spent close to 6 hours in the kitchen just for these 3 dishes. 3 lauk je macam gini punya lama nak masak. But i deserve a pat on the back kan!

Favourite spot of the house.


The only DIY i managed to squeeze in for this Raya is this new poster.

Our Raya Ready home. Did minimal changes since we changed furnitures last year and there’s just so much you can do to a 4-room flat lah. So i added in a pop of red this year!

Some pictures from yesterday’s Raya outing. We didn’t cover many houses since everyone is working the next day and we’ll have Saturday & Sunday to cover some other houses! Only managed 5 houses from 12.00 noon – 11.00pm and i was so tired and stuffed.

Even though i really controlled myself not to indulge in Raya dishes cos heartburn & indigestion is evil and the last thing i want is to have heartburn at someone’s home. It’s bad enough that i wanna sleep half the time. I will sneak in some sleep in between car rides. Was so tired from all the cooking and cleaning the day before!


First stop of the day is the in-laws house. Always a teary affair one at this house. Habis eye-makeup semua.

We then made our way to my parent’s place but because my brother and his family were there earlier and have left my parent’s place to do visiting, we met up halfway at my grandma’s place.


With the sisters. We are all so different. Lagi2 part size. Hahahaha

photo 4

With the nieces at my grandma’s place.

Last stop of Jalan Raya with my side of family is at my place. Finally managed a proper family picture!


We then parted ways and joined Rusly’s family for Jalan Raya. Thankfully the next 2 houses is within Bukit Panjang. One of them just across the road from our place!

Didn’t take anymore picture after that. Muka dah berminyak, i can’t be bothered already.

With that, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone! Maaf Zahir Batin!

Hari Raya 1

14 thoughts on “The Raya Announcement”

  1. A little late – nonetheless, congratulations! Alhamdullilah, your faith and patience has been rewarded. Pretty sure, both of you will make good parents. Enjoy!

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