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Less than a week to Raya! Been so busy i barely did any DIY projects this year.
If you remember, last year i was so hands on with the DIY projects.
Semangat gila. Maklum lah orang baru je jadi stay-at-home-wife. Terus jadi domestic.

And then this year, the workload for Card Maison got so much heavier (which is a good thing lah) that i don’t have time to do anything else. But my cookie jars are still in good shape so will be reusing them. Bought my cushion covers from Taobao instead of sewing my own. Simple ones that would look nice all year round.

Oh speaking of Taobao, i also ordered a dainty teacup set and a cake stand because they were cheaper than in SG.
Ok lah the teacup set not so cheap after the shipping and all. Afterall i chose express shipping instead of sea shipping. Hahahaha but it’s cheaper than SG price, really. I know i promised to do up an entry on how to buy from Taobao, Maybe soon lah k. When i’m not so lazy.


Nyehhhh… pretty pretty tea cup set. Now i just need scones.

I also did not buy any baju raya this year, except for some plain dresses from Poplook which looked dressy enough for Raya but casual to be worn on other days. Bought colours that could match Rusly’s existing Baju melayu so we can be matchy matchy annoying gitu. Lol

Pretty psyched to cook up a storm this malam raya though. I have wrote down my shopping list and copied down all the recipes from my trusty recipe sites! Was initially reluctant to cook cos i remembered feeling so tired from the 5 hours in the kitchen. Macam nak patah pinggang. But because malam raya is on a sunday and rusly won’t be working on weekends and can help me with the cleaning and all that, it should not be a problem. Raya is only once a year anyway.

Will be doing a spring cleaning starting this friday. Gonna clear my office and make it neater and spacious for something big.. and then hopefully i get to throw away the things i’ve been hoarding for a year. I AM SUCH A HOARDER.

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