Pregnancy, Second Trimester

go EMMa!

and so i’ve entered the 2nd trimester! So fast!
I have not officially announced it yet though. At least not on FB.
Maybe we’ll announce it after the detailed scan at 22 weeks, where everything is more or less stable. Tapi kalau nak tunggu lagi stable, can announce at 37 weeks. Hahahaha

So how is the start of the 2nd trimester, u ask?

– My energy is back! I am no longer pemalas tahap nak golek dari katil pun malas.
– I am still throwing up. Less frequent than before but i still have a heightened sense of smell and anything too strong-smelling makes me nauseous and puke.
– I burp so much it’s embarrassing.
–  I’ve been having some intense cramps that lasts for a few seconds and found out it’s Round ligament pain. Usually happen when i twist & turn during sleep or when i laugh too hard at something.
– My appetite is coming back slowly but not to the extent of eating everything in sight. In fact i’ll crave for something, have bits of it and refused to eat again.
– Bad bad bad indigestion. Some nights i can’t sleep!
– I also notice i have a congested nose. TMI but really not kidding. But i chanced upon something and they said it’s normal so ok lah.

If you ask me if the bump is out already, i say no. But my mom and sisters insist that i have a visible bump. I swear they are seeing things only. But my sisters kept saying my butt is huge now. Probably the size of Russia. God bless me.

I also went for the Oscar test at my 12th week appointment. So excited to see baby who is so much bigger now. The hands and legs are visible now. Even the nasal bone is visible! Heh. The scan itself took about 10 -15 mins. Can’t remember cos i was too mesmerized seeing the baby bouncing all over the screen. After that, i had to take a blood test. They only drew two tubes of blood since i’ve done most of the tests during IVF so i managed to skip all that. The nurse told me the results would be out in 2 days and if i don’t receive any calls, my baby is low-risk. I’ve not received any calls so i’m assuming it’s low-risk. Yay!

My next appointment is at 16 weeks and the gynae want me to decide by then if i wanna switch to Private (The Women’s Clinic) or stay subsidized at Clinic G and i have put a lot of thought into it, asking so many people who have given birth in NUH and i think i’m sticking with Clinic G.

The reason i’m staying with Clinic G is because:

  • I don’t need weekend appointments cos i don’t need to take leave.
  • Clinic G waiting time is 1 hour max. Have not gone beyond an hour so far. If i keep to my appointment timing.
  • Friends who are seeing private gynae at The Women’s Clinic mentioned they also have to wait for an hour or so. Longer if their gynae is out to do delivery.
  •  I don’t really care much for A1 Class wards. I’m ok with sharing wards with others so B2 Class is fine with me. My only grouse is Rusly won’t be able to stay in with me. But that’s ok lah.
  • I don’t exactly know which gynae to take cos they are all the same i feel and most of my friends with private gynaes said most of the job is done by the midwife anyway and the gynae won’t be with you all the time during labour.

The only reason why i was contemplating between Clinic G and The Women’s Clinic is because i rather have someone who have seen me throughout my pregnancy to help me with my labour. Not just deliver my baby but help me with coping me with the pain during the entire labour and then helping me deliver my baby as naturally as possible. Although i’m verryyyyy open to Epidural. Hahahah

I’m a first time mom and honest to God, i’m freaked out at the thought of labour pains. Who wouldn’t? My labour pain would be a dealbreaker on whether i want a 2nd baby or not. Hahahaha. I’m being really honest here.
So while i know it is not possible to have a pain-free labour, i wanna make sure the person who is gonna help me alleviate the pain is not a pain in the ass herself. LOL

Which is why i’ll be engaging the Enhanced Midwifery Maternity Care (EMMa Care) instead of a private gynae.
Because the midwife will be with me throughout my pregnancy, sit with me during my consultations with the gynae at every appointment, be with me during the labour and then up to 2 months after delivery. It’s a separate package altogether, quite affordable if you ask me and that way, i can ensure the midwife who’s taking care of me knows what i’m going through in case of complications and also because we have already established that relationship way before labour pains start, i would be more open to their opinions if there is a need for an emergency c-section or something.

I called one of the midwife earlier today and she’s so nice to talk to! Very warm and bubbly!
She mentioned that i can start the package at 24 weeks and i can choose to have them deliver my baby instead of a gynae because they are certified to do so and i’m even more pleased to hear that! So EMMa it is!

12 thoughts on “go EMMa!”

  1. Hahahah people commented my butt grew bigger too. Sedih sey haha. Anywaay I didn’t know got such thing as fixed midwife! Might consider that if there’s a next time haha. Like you, I am so scared of labour pain already even when I’ve not been through it. Hah.

    1. LOL i know right.
      i know lah my butt is so big now. Don’t need to remind me lah. Hahaha

      I knew about EMMa Care pun because of rina actually! She knew abot it thru her birth talk. So i read about it and figured it’s the best option for me!

  2. Truth be told I think you made a good choice opting for the EMMa Care. Because the midwife is everything! Lol! Build a rapport with yours and she will take super good care of you. I wish going through the subsidized route allows you the option to pay a top up for A1 ward. I still enjoy being able to shower before entertaining visitors. Teehee.

    1. hey babe!

      no problem, u dah sign up with DR Citra? I was initially considering Dr Su Lin Lin. Then when i called, they said she’s not taking any other new patients yet. maybe next year. By that time i dah beranak seh. Hahahaha. I think she was my 1st and only choice ah.

      I’ll be going for my appointment this Friday then after that i’m meeting sushma from EMMa Care to find out a bit more but from what i’ve digested from my conversation with her, the package is $1450 and can be used from 24 weeks pregnancy till 8 weeks after birth. It’s double the cost of a private gynae nya package lah but at least upon birth, tak ada any additional payment for their services or anything. Nanti i tanyakan again on friday.

      They have a talk on every last thursday of the month. i might be going for it soon.

      I have yet to choose my midwife yet though! Maybe after the talk i attend? Hopefully all the midwives will be there and then i can see which one i like better? Lol

    2. Ooooh i forgot to mention that they can also help to deliver your baby! Hahaha
      So if you intend to go the subsidised route and don’t want the gynae-on-duty that day to kacau you, they will just do the entire delivery for you. melainkan u kena go Emergency C-Sect i think.

      I was sold by that ah actually cos i rather not have a random gynae yg tak kenal i help me deliver. Hahaha

  3. Hi, Salam! I was searching for reviews on EMMa when I stumbled upon your page.

    I’d like to know how it all turned out. How was your experience? Would you recommend EMMa after what you’ve been through?

    I’m Singaporean but currently living overseas. Will inshaAllah be back in Singapore to give birth. Still looking for an OB/GYN who is pro-natural birth. Who would you recommend?

    Thanks a lot!

    🙂 ADK

    1. Salam! I didn’t went thru with EMMa in the end! Cos i opted for a private gynae instead. I took Dr Citra from NUH and never regret it! She’s very pro-natural, very calm & does everything swiftly like a ninja! Would totally recommend her but you gotta set an appointment early cos she’s very popular these days with Malay mummies. If you can’t get her, u can try other gynaes in NUH cos they’re well known for being very pro-natural.

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