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a week to go!

A week to go till the end of my 1st trimester! Yaaaaay!
one more week to our doctor’s appointment + our Oscar Test to test for Down Syndrome etc.
Just doing it for assurance and because i’m already 30 and this is our 1st child. But to be honest, actually i cannot wait to see baby on the screen again and see how big it has grown so far. My last scan was at 8 weeks and that’s almost a month ago. I’m deprived of  seeing a tiny being on a black screen. Yes, i’m pathetic like that.

While i’m still in my 1st trimester, here’s an update of how it has been so far!

4 – 6 weeks: 
Generally just bloated but otherwise quite uneventful. I didn’t have any morning sickness but i remember having frequents headaches which will go away in an hour. Frequently happen in the morning though. Appetite was still good. Gained a kg but i think it was from the bloatedness.

7 – 8 weeks: 
Still no morning sickness although so many mummies in the Forum were complaining of morning sickness. Almost all of them and i was a bit paranoid why i wasn’t having any. My appetite was still good and i can still eat but the weight i gained was gone. I was slowly losing a bit of weight for some weird reason. Gynae told me it’s normal to lose weight in the 1st trimester and i’m surprised i could lose that weight because God knows how difficult it is for me to even shed one kg when i’m not pregnant! The headaches became more intense, especially if i accidentally skip breakfast. I will have fainting spells when i’m hungry and if it’s too hot. Most of the time, i’ll just drink soya bean or milk and it’ll stop.

9 – 11 weeks: 
I thought i might be one of those lucky ones who’s spared from Morning Sickness and then it came!
at 9 weeks it was pretty mild, i constantly had this “want to puke” feeling but i never did or maybe i psyched myself not to.
This usually happen after my meals. I’ll feel really queasy and u’ll see me all quiet after meals cos i was trying so hard not to puke.

At 10 weeks, i let it goooooooooo. Hahahaha
After meals, i’ll feel the queasiness again and straight to the toilet bowl i go and puke everything out. Thankfully this does not happen very often. It usually happen if i drink milk / eat chocolates etc or anything creamy in fact. I’ve started carrying sourplums with me.

I also have an aversion to smell of people cooking. Each time i smell my neighbour cooking or if i walk past Kopitiam, i puke.
Or everytime my food come and it’s piping hot and steamy, and i can smell it, i’ll feel like puking. My sense of smell has heightened to a whole new level.

Now,  i can’t even take the taxi and not want to puke. I had to ask taxi uncle if they are ok with me winding the window. I think i can’t stand sitting at the back of the car cos of the motion and all but i’m too paiseh to sit alone infront next to the taxi driver so i suck it up and sit behind. I’m ok when i sit in our own car though cos i sit at the passenger seat infront.

At 10 weeks, my appetite is slowly going away. I don’t feel like eating cos i fear i will throw up and i hate the smell of food.
While i do eat, because baby needs to eat anyway, i don’t finish up most of my food and i have this “can we get this done and over with” attitude towards food. Very sad one, because i love food seh.

My energy level has been really low at 10 weeks. I’m sleeping earlier than before, i take afternoon naps because i’m too tired and i have no mood to do work. Very tiring. I don’t know how people in their third trimester are coping.

My GP told me all these usually goes away around 14 weeks and i honestly cannot wait for the 2nd trimester because i want my energy back. Really feel very blah each time i’m too tired to do anything and i want to eat properly. I want to start cooking again and not feel like i wanna puke at the smell of food.

Met one of my girlfriend last week and she is in her last trimester, giving birth in 2 weeks time and she gave me this piece of advise.
“Do all your preparations for the baby in the 2nd trimester. That is when u have all the energy.”

She was busy with shifting house during her 2nd trimester and only got down to buying stuff for the baby in her last trimester and regretted it cos all she wanna do is get it done and over with. Hahaha

This should be really interesting. This few months down the road.
Looking forward to every milestones till the end!

8 thoughts on “a week to go!”

  1. So exciting kan! hehhehe i feel u beb. reason for the hiatus is coz i get so meh wen im at work and all i wanna do is just rest. tak pernah2 ada migraine, it came full blast and my MS is 24/7! makan skit jer, gimme 10 – 15 min… i’ll go all merlion! hhehhe Friends with the same situation as me tell me to expect that it’ll eat into 2nd tri as well. And i soooooo agree with my smell senses. I have to steer away from kopitiams, or local cuisines. Minyak kapak and sour plums are my new best frens! Tenyeh aja kat idung hahahah

    1. Exciting indeed. Tiring as well! Tapi takpe.. a little bit of suffering for the little one!
      I hate it when the migraine comes, Satu benda pun tak nak buat.
      I tak merlion sangat.. I notice if i makan soupy stuff, i still ok.. Tapi kalau i makan those creamy2 nya makanan confirm muntah lepas tu. I hope it doesn’t go beyond the 2nd trimester sgt. The weather is also not helping.. Penat… Haha.

  2. I’m entering third trimester and have not really started on the baby preparation stuff. 😩 I’m so gonna regret not doing it in the second trimester. My nausea and vomiting didn’t come at first too. Was confident that I won’t experience them. Then around week 8 I started my nausea and vomiting. :/

    1. Yeah.. i pun confident takde morning sickness sekali dia datang, terus terduduk. Hahaha
      You all also tgh busy with the home reno recce-ing kan. But go prepare soon k! Nanti takut u be overwhelmed with everything.

  3. I’m currently eating GNC’s pre-natal supplements and they work wonders! Tiredness gone! And on days that I forget to take them, damn, I feel like I’ve ran a marathon.

    1. I tried taking those Blacmores pre-natal supplements but they make me have headaches! Lol

      Now i only eat Obimin from the doc and folic acid only. Need to up my calcium intake though.

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