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Balik Kampung!

Not balik kampung per se since i don’t really have a kampung and one of my to-do list is to go to a kampung wedding just for the fun of it.

So last Saturday, me & the family took a road trip to Kota Tinggi for Saridah’s wedding. Saridah’s is my father’s colleague, who has long since regard her as his own daughter. So of course we have to go to her wedding! Never mind it’s about 2 hours  from SG and it was pretty hard to find her kampung but thank god for Abah’s HP, we managed to find the kampung with his GPS. Our car GPS macam tak boleh harap. Lagi sikit dah sesat.

We started the day early at about 9.30am. There was a massive jam and we only managed to pass thru JB Checkpoint at 11.30am.
We finally reached Kota Tinggi at about 1.00pm plus.


The entire place was filled with canopies. So pretty!

Lunch was a simple affair but enough to fill our tum-tum.
Went in to see the glowing bride.


She insisted we wait till the groom arrives so we kept ourselves entertained with the Live Band who was playing Pelesit Kota just as we exit from the bride house to the canopy area. LOL

4 3 2

After photo-taking, we made our move by 3.30pm and head over to Angsana, for God knows what. Just felt we need to go somewhere since we’re already in JB.

Had early dinner at Kenny Rogers. Not exactly my fav place. I’m more of a Nando’s girl. But oh well, makan je lah. Janji i can chit chat and be merry with the family.



Left JB just before Maghrib. so thankful the traffic at Checkpoint was smooth! I was so tired i just wanna sleep. With this trip, i can conclude Rusly hate driving in Malaysia and no matter how i try, i do not think he will agree to a KL road trip next.

But a girl can always ask. Again. 

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