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After many many conversations & discussions, we’ve finally decided to just go ahead to The Women’s Clinic  instead of going Clinic G with the EMMa Care. I’ve seeked so many opinions and many said the midwives at NUH are pleasant during labour so i’m gonna take it at face value and just believe it will just be alright. But i think the main reason for me to do the switch was because of a somewhat unpleasant trip to Clinic G at my last appointment. I guess it’s just me having a bad day that day cos everything went horribly wrong.

For Clinic G, most of the appointments are scheduled way early in the morning. So the previous appointment was scheduled at 9.45am. I don’t have trouble waking up. I’ll be zombified yes, but i CAN wake up in the morning. What i can’t seem to do in the morning is, to successfully get a cab. At 8.45am i was already calling for cabs, to no avail. At 9.00am, i gave up, i went downstairs hoping i could catch a passing cab. I was trying to get hold of the cab close to 10.00am before i managed to finally get one through the EasyTaxi App. 1 hour in the hot sun, with no breakfast, I felt faint. Reached NUH at 10.20am and i was prepared to wait very long because i missed my appointment by 30mins. So i asked the counter lady, roughly how long till my turn because i would like to get some breakfast. But she told me there’s only 1 patient before me. So not wanting to miss my turn, i wait. I was finally called in at 11.00am. 1 patient before me and i have to wait 40mins? Nampak sangat bedek.

Got scolded by the gynae cos i was losing weight instead of gaining weight. I lost about 5kg and i don’t think it was fair lah actually because i’ve only started my 2nd trimester kan? Give me time to put on the weight lah. But what made me pretty upset was her repeatedly saying “You must take care lah. $16,000 baby leh. So hard for you to conceive yet you don’t put on weight.”
Make me feel like i’m a bad mother already and her remarks “Your first IVF, you sangkut already. See, so lucky. So must take care lah”

Nevermind that i tried to argue and said “not $16,000 lah. $12,000 only” Hahahaha

I know she was concerned of me having Hypoglycemia cos i mentioned in passing that maybe i lost weight cos i tried to fast during Ramadhan but the way she talked to me, like as if i deliberately lose weight. I can’t help it if i have no appetite and i keep throwing up kan? And to think the previous gynae during my 12th week appointment want me to take care of my diet cos she don’t want to put on too much weight for fear of gestational diabetes and all.

So all these conflicting opinions from different gynaes make me go “mana satu aku nak dengar ni?!”
The other thing that made me a little bit pissed off was, the blood tests. At 12 weeks, i was told by Gynae A that i’ve cleared all of my blood tests so she only made me take the blood test for Oscar Test only. Then at the last appointment, Gynae B asked me how come i never retake my Full Blood Count Test because it has expired. How would i know? Gynae A told me everything is in order and i don’t need any other blood tests. So off i go to draw 2 tubes of blood. I hate it. Because i’ve not had any breakfast yet and it’s close to 12 noon already. I was very cranky at the thought of having to do another blood test when i could have done it once and for all during the 12 weeks appointment and because i’ve not had breakfast, it was extremely hard for the nurse to poke and draw out blood from me. I was so so frustrated by then. I was out of Clinic G at about 12.30pm.

I honestly wouldn’t mind the wait but i hate conflicting opinions from people who i’m supposed to trust. I think the reason why i can tahan being in subsidized route during the IVF was because i was seeing the same doctor throughout the entire IVF. But i cannot take it if i see different gynae each time and they all say different things to me every appointment.

On a happier note, i took a picture last week and was so shocked at how big i’ve become! Lol

photo 4
Bearing in mind i was only 16 weeks and it’s my 1st pregnancy and i’m big-sized to begin with, i didn’t expect to show this early.

Sleeping is a chore nowadays cos i can no longer do that 3-point turn without getting cramps. So i do a 5-point turn. Hahaha

Till the next update and hopefully the next update is not a whiny one like this!

21 thoughts on “bump-ed!”

  1. Aww Dyan..isnt it so surreal? My gosh i am so so so happy for you and husband. Please please take care and eat well alright. Congrats once again! Muaahh!

    1. Yeaaaahhh. Actually my husband dah notice siang2 that the admin there very disorganised. My 1st visit after the positive pregnancy je dah make me confused. Keep asking me to take urine test for pregnancy. I told her i took a blood test already cos i’m an IVF patient and they just don’t get it. Kept telling me to take pregnancy test which to me does not make sense cos doctor already have a record of my positive blood test what.. and between blood test & urine test, blood test kan lagi accurate. hahaha. At last, they were supposed to make me test for protein in my urine tu. Not pregnancy test!

    1. Soon soon! I didn’t expect tp show this early cos i’m quite big-sized before pregnancy and a few of my friends said 1st pregnancy memang lambat show. Kadang2 6mths baru start to show. Lol

  2. Hehehehhe cute bump… hopefully it’s just a 1 off thing that you have to go through lah @ Clinic G. I hope it’ll be smooth sailing in the coming months. I dunno how my gynae count the weeks seh. By right both of us same timing kan but I hv yet to reach my 16th week! Lol. *fening*

    1. Maybe cos u’re having twins tak? Kalau kira from our ET date, we are 16 weeks. Ni pun the gynae move it a day forward. But your due date is somewhere Dec kan? Cos i know for twin pregnancy your due date will be earlier than mine. You can see your baby earlier than me! Lol

  3. So you chose your gynae ready? Melampau la the nurse who said all that. I have friends who lost weight during first trimester also and it’s considered normal due to the vomiting and lack of appetite. -.- Anyway I’ve been gaining since the start, which I don’t mind. But I’ve been gaining like non-stop. Don’t know how to lose all that after this haha. Either clinic, waiting time tetap slow. Haha.

    1. Yes! I chose Dr Citra Mattar cos Dr Su Lin Lin is no longer taking any more appointments till next year. Reviews about her on a FB page is also quite good so i figured amik jelah. Lol
      I no longer mind waiting for turns lah. I just want someone i can trust. Hahaha

      i’ve gained 2 kg the last 2 weeks. Jadi lah kan.
      Must be all the eating during raya!

  4. Hi

    I read a little abt your blog, congrats on becoming a mummy. I hope your lil one brings more joy than ever 🙂

    Anyway, im pregnant myself and i was thinking of taking Dr Citra as my gynae. Can i know, is she friendly and approachable? did you took her under a private route? And how much was ur monthly billing till your delivery?

    Looking forward to you reply 🙂

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hello!

      I would totally recommend Dr Citra! She’s very positive and encouraging.. especially in achieving a Natural birth! Very nice to talk to her.. I always come out of her room happy! LOL

      Yes, she’s only available thru the Private route. I took the Antenatal Package with her which can be used from 22 weeks onwards at $749.00

  5. Dear..mind to share? I m in the first trimester and under clinic G. When should I change to private gynae and how the transfer process?..I notice u engage EMMA too…how should I start with?…I worry to have different gynae n different comments too…it will make me frustrated…thanks alotttttt….

    1. Hello i switched when i was about 20 weeks cos thats when i can start using the package. Just call up the women’s clinic and ask them for an appointment for your gynae that u intend to choose. Nanti on the day of the appointment they will make u sign few documents and u auto jadi private patient. I didn’t take EMMA in the end. End up taking Dr Citra Mattar instead so i only listen to her. Lol

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