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Belaian Kasih

If you follow me on Social Media, i’ve mentioned about Belaian Kasih, an info-ed drama that’s aired every Wednesday and we’ll be on the upcoming episode, Episode 5!


We’ll be sharing about our IVF journey. Everything you need to know about IVF will be shared during that episode and Dr Jazlan will also give his input on that show.


Each time i get asked “what’s the common question you’ve received on IVF”
It’ll have to be how much does it cost. Many do not know IVF is heavily subsidized and i hope this show will cover on that because people need to know that!


I’ll see you next Wednesday at Suria, 9.00pm ok. It was really great having the production team around. From the pre-filming meeting to the filming day itself.

I’ve always been pretty open about IVF and willing to share more information about it so i hope you’ll watch it with me next wednesday! ❤

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