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Braving the Baby Fair

Ahhhh the Baby Fair. I got so many warning from friends it’s gonna be chaotic and some of my friends  told me i’m crazy to even want go alone. With all the pushing and jostling. But it was surprisingly an ok experience for me.

Just a little background, in my previous job, my team organised huge job fairs at Suntec for three years. Each opening day, we get the same reaction. “Ributnya!!!” Really, the crowd is even worst than the baby fairs. The queue will snake from the Registration counter at level 1 to the taxi stand and then snake again at Level 5. That queue, is just to get in to the fair. The crowd in the fair itself, is another story. It was horrendous. I dread the job fairs and cannot wait to get over it. So when i went over to the Baby Fair and found out there’s no queue to get inside, i figured it’ll be quite a breeze lah actually. Not that bad.

But unlike the Job fairs, in baby fairs, u see people bringing in strollers. Some really monster strollers and i really don’t know for what! Those strollers take up a lot of space and some really brainless people have this habit of leaving their strollers at the entrance of the booth lah, kat tepi display booth lah. They leave the strollers everywhere!

However, a tip when you’re going to baby fairs, especially alone, bring a Luggage or those trolleys you go to market, that kind. God sent i tell u.
Unlike strollers, they are not bulky and you’re less likely to leave it anywhere because it contain your purchases. All i do is drag my luggage everywhere, buy everything i want and dump it inside and then keep on moving through the fair.

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)What i did before the fair, print out the map and colour code the booths that i wanna check out. Print out the list of vendors available and i was ready to go! Believe it or not, i spent close to 5 hours at the fair because there were just so many stuff to look at and buy!
Queue for the payment counters were not bad. Most of the time, i only queue up for 5-10 mins max except for one counter at the NotTooBig booth, i queued for close to an hour because of the long queue!

I checked out the price for some of the bulkier items so that i can just buy and leave on Saturday. I think Saturday will be even crowded. Especially since a lot of people will be doing their Pre-Order Collections. I saw the baby cot / swing and playard that i pre-ordered. Love it so much!
Oh and the Babyzen Yoyo! I happened to see it at the fair and fell in love with it all over again, forgetting all about my Aprica Air Ria. It wasn’t flimsy at all, bearing in mind it’s only 5kg+ which is ideal for me and then when i saw how really easy it folds and unfolds and how compact it is, i was sold. I just need to sell the idea of getting the Yoyo to Rusly aje. Hahahaha. I kind of sold the Aprica Air Ria idea to him and he has really taken a liking to it.
The Yoyo Newborn and 6 months bundle at $888 is more costly than the Aprica Air Ria but still within my stroller budget so hopefully Rusly agrees to it!

photo 4Got home with this and when i unpacked it at home, the husband was shocked at the amount of loots i managed to squeeze in the luggage!

photo 1So yes, if you’re going to the baby fair, bring a luggage and lotsa cash! Cos paying by cash is more convenient, especially cos the ATM machines at the Expo is really far and maximum u can draw out is $2,000? Imagine the ATM Queue Lines as well!

photo 2

The entire loot for the day. Got most of the item i want and i think i better stop buying baby clothes because there’s really a lot! On Saturday, will go and grab more of the Mustela Diaper Rash Cream cos the offer was too good to resist! It’s usually $16.00 per tube but they’re selling it at 3 for $28.00 so it’s about $9.00 per tube instead. No more clothes for Saturday trip but will get the bulkier stuff like the Babysafe Latex Mattress which is going for $189.00 instead of $249.00 and the bedding sets. I wanted to get the bedding sets yesterday but it was too bulky!

Needless to say, i had backaches, leg cramps and all the discomfort i could get last night, it was a pain getting out of bed. Imagine doing this at the last trimester! So thank god the baby fair happened in my 2nd trimester!

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