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The Shopping List

I’ve somehow compiled a list of stuff that i’ll be getting at the Baby Fair next week. I’m pretty much happy with the promotions going on at the Baby Fair and by sharing it here, maybe it’ll give you an idea of how much you can get some of the baby stuff at Baby Fairs? Because honestly, everything is so expensive and you need so many things and everything just adds up so being able to save a $50 here and there is already good enough!

Will be going on the Thursday Morning by myself to buy the smaller stuff and then again on Saturday to collect all the stuff we’ve pre-ordered and get the bulkier items since Rusly would be tagging along as well.

The Strategy: 
On Thursday, i’ll bring a luggage with me. Tak nampak auntie sangat because my luggage very cute, ok.
Because if i don’t bring a luggage, Rusly will get my in-laws to follow me so my father-in-law can help carry the stuff and that is so mean lah! Hahahaha. Bully orang tu seh. Partly also cos i love to shop alone. Yes i’m those weird ones who actually don’t mind going shopping or dining alone. I don’t wanna feel bad for making my in-laws going all over the expo hall with me, especially if it’s gonna get crowded.

On Saturday, i’ll make Rusly bring the trolley because we’ll need to transport back the baby cot, a carton of wet wipes and some other bulkier stuff like baby mattress & stroller etc. Not sure if we can fit the entire loot in our car but i tell you, sekecik2 nya kereta tu, banyak benda kita dah sumbat masok. So yakin boleh. Lol

So here’s what i’ve shortlisted so far and things i’ll be looking out for at the Baby Fair!

– Stroller
I’ve kind of decided on the Aprica Air Ria Luxuna. I just need to see it and confirm that i like it enough to buy it. I know some people suggested buying the stroller after birth but i don’t want to be caught in a situation where i’ll need it and i don’t have it.
Retail Price: $699.00.
Baby Fair Price: $439.00

– Disposable Diapers
Probably won’t go crazy with diaper-buying but shall go buy 2 packs from Merries and 2 packs from Goon and then get sample packs from other brands. I was just reading on how many diapers newborns use and they said up to 12 diapers a day for newborns and then they’ll gradually decrease as they grow older. 12 diapers a day = 84 diapers a week! That’s like 1 pack of Goon Diapers or 1.5 packs of Merries in a week!
But i shall see if it’s worth getting it at the Baby Fair. Else, will get it from Qoo10. Cos so far, it’s $0.24/pc for Goon and $0.29 for Merries.

– Diaper Rash Cream 
Looking at Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream because my friend swore by it cos it can prevent & heal. I heard it can be quite costly so i’m hoping they have a good deal for this!

– Diaper Bag 
Not exactly active looking but because a distributor is bringing in the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, it would be a good time to have a look feel of the bag. If the price is more or less the same as buying online, will just get it there. Else, will buy it online instead!


I prefer the Boxy Backpack range but i just wanna ensure it’s not too boxy and heavy on it’s own.

– Baby Mattress
We’re looking at the BabySafe brand, again a recommendation from a friend. The latex mattress that can fit the baby cot we bought cost around $239.00 but i previously saw Robinson’s having this BabySafe Bundle that includes the mattress / pillows & bolster at $179.00 or something so i’m hoping they’ll have a similar promo at the Baby Fair.

– Beddings 
Beddings for the baby cot can be quite expensive so we’ll try and look for cheaper options there. I found a promo by one of the vendors. A 10-in-1 Bumper set at $50.00 so will just grab that one 1st and hopefully there’s some other vendors selling other cheap beddings as well because i don’t think i’ll want to spend over hundred for baby beddings when all she’s gonna do is probably vomit all over it most of the time. Lol


– Breastpump 
I’ve decided to invest in one even though i’ll be a SAHM and can latch on demand cos there’ll be a time we might need to leave baby with my parents and i don’t want to be caught in a situation where i worry how i’m gonna feed her and all. Another reason, i’ll want Rusly to feed the baby and bond with her over a bottle of milk and the only way he can do that is to bottle-feed, unless he also can breastfeed the baby ah. Hahahaha. Then maybe i should question his ability to bear babies too.
If in any case, i find difficulty in getting my baby to latch on, at least i can try and pump my milk and bottle-feed her instead. If i have limited supply with breastmilk, i can try pumping to stimulate them boobies and after doing all that, i still have no milk, aku campak je tu breastpump kat tembok. Hahahaha. #mustbepositive.#iwillhavemilk

Because i’ll be a SAHM, i’ll just seek a cheaper option which is the Spectra M1. Read so many reviews on it, convinced Rina to go buy it, test it since she has milk already (hahahaha) and she gave me the ok go! Spectra M1 will be at the fair as well but if the price is higher than Gracia Shepherd ($148), then i’ll just buy online aje. But if it’s only slightly higher, will buy it at the fair cos they’re offering local warranty. Mana tau i really campak that thing kat tembok. U never know.

– Feeding Bottles 
After many research, i’m going ahead with Comotomo bottles. Not exactly cheap but there’s so many good reviews on these bottles. Most of the mummies said their baby did not have nipple confusion with the Comotomo bottles. The teats are soft and the bottle itself is skin-like, soft and squishy, it mimics the mummy’s skin. It has double vents that’s designed to prevent colics but nobody has complained of bottle leaks before. It is also super easy to wash because of it’s wide neck and squishy material. They’ll be having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo on that day so you can probably save around $28?

Other miscellaneous stuff that i’ll also be looking out for includes:
– Thermometer
– Pacifier
– Nipple Cream
– Swaddles

I pray & hope i don’t stray too much from this list. It would be really tempting to go buy clothes and all but i shall try not to!

11 thoughts on “The Shopping List”

  1. This is such a helpful list! I don’t even know where to start and I’ve been googling for reviews.. but after a while with all the brands out there.. it gets too crazy! Thanks a bunch!

    1. YEs it gets too crazy with the many brands available but i always look out for common reviews among mothers. Eg, if they always mention a certain brand nya bottle is always leaking, i’ll strike it off the list. Heh

  2. Babies need lots of hankies, dear. Baby hankies. Soft and absorbent kind. For the drool, for the burps, for the vomit, for the taik mata, for lap badan on days baby cannot have a bath & for many more things.
    It’s really hard to find soft baby hankies outside besides online & baby fairs.
    Please dont get the Gerber brand. Soft but tak absorbent sangat.
    Happy shopping! You will never shop for yourself ever again. Heh.

    1. Hee thank you! I was just thinking of getting the Gerber’s brand! But i shall go and look see at the baby fairs nanti. Saw kat Mothercare & Kiddy Palace, hankies are so expensive! Hahahaha

  3. I just learned this cos my babe fell ill last week, get an armpit thermometer! The digital ear ones only work for older babies. For newborns, the armpit thermometer is recommended. Hah! I felt so cheated. I bought a $120 braun digital one only to have the kk nurse tell me to go get a $10 digital armpit one. 😡

    1. Oooohh lucky i got the cheapo one. I wanted to get the digital one but my practical husband told me the usual one would work just fine as well. Now that your girl is better, i hope you get well soon!

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