Shopping Spree

little kids


The X’Mas sales Season is finally over! I’m hoping there is no more crowd at the mall.
I’m bringing the god-children for ice-cream at Swensens today! Miss them loads! Caden been bugging me for ice-cream!
And since we’ll be at Ion, i shall look see for a casual bag! Hee.

4 thoughts on “little kids”

    1. I tried tadi!!
      Tapi the newer designs were too loud for me! I’m such a sissy when it comes to bag colours seh.

      But i found something i like at Chanel. Tapi kena tanya hubby dulu, Takut dia bising! 😦

      1. HAHAHAHAH yah kalau Chanel nak kena tanya lolz. MBMJ can close one eye lolz! tapi MBMJ in basic colors not nice lehhhh… hehehehe

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