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Baby Taobao

So.. i’ve collected my Taobao loots over the weekends and as promised, will share what i bought, the price and then maybe you’ll understand why i’m always Taobao-ing!

Some of the stuff i managed to take picture of, just because some people are afraid of buying from Taobao cos sometimes really indah khabar dari rupa and i do agree at certain extent, some things are just not worth buying from Taobao. Especially clothes. Please don’t even bother.

Waterproof Mattress Mat / Diaper Changing Mat 

Bought about 4 pieces of these in different sizes so that i can easily rotate it if it gets dirty.

IMG_5527Super cute designs and you won’t believe how much i got it for. They all come in different sizes, costing between $3.00 – $5.00 each. Saw the same type of Mats selling at Qoo10 between $8.00 – $12.00 each before shipping. These are Bamboo Fibre material. The absorbency should be good and it’s soft! I obviously have this obsession for bamboo fibres. Lol
So anyway, you can get these here, here & here.

Laundry Basket 

IMG_5532I was looking around for a cute laundry basket that is not too bulky and preferably foldable so we can save space and i saw this. A unicorn laundry basket! How cute!! While it is not foldable, u can flatten it up and then keep it aside. You can get it here at $7.83!

Bottle Rack & Bottle Brush 

IMG_5529 The bottle rack is at $3.87 while the brush is at $4.50. I know u can get the bottle brush cheaper elsewhere but i specifically wanted a self standing one with a hidden teat brush so when i found this, just buy je lah. The rack can be found here while the brush is now OOS and the link is no longer working.

Cute Little Bow Headbands


How cute are these and they are all below $2.00!! Between $1.30 – $1.70 each je. I didn’t wanna splurge on expensive headbands yet cos you know, babies are so temperamental. Sekali dah beli mahal2, she don’t wanna wear! Initially i wanted to DIY my own but malas, after i saw how cheap these normal bow headbands are. LOL
Like really tak justify effort aku langsung. If the baby is happy with wearing headbands, then we can buy the fancier ones next time! I bought all these headbands from this seller.

Now, how to buy from Taobao? Can be kinda tricky at 1st but once you get the hang of it, you’ll get hooked!
I get all my Taobao Loots from 65Daigou. They’re the Agent who’ll help you to buy and ship over the stuff from China. There are also other Taobao Agents, you can google them. I just use 65Daigou because i’ve used them for over 4 years already and have gained enough points to reduce agent fee costs etc and i’ve never had problem with them before. They are really reliable and their response time is quite swift so i’m sticking with them.

1. Use Google Translate 
Translate from English to Chinese (Traditional). Be as specific as you can, with the keywords.
Then copy paste the translation.


2. Go to Taobao
Copy paste the chinese translation to Taobao Search section and press Enter.


3. Scroll and choose 
You’ll see the search results and then just click one that is closest to your match.
p/s: mine is auto translate page. If you can, auto translate your page so that it’ll be easier for you to read description.


4. Read description of item 

Now really, this is the trickiest part i feel. Cos Google Translate will just jumble up the words for you. So sometimes it’s hard for you to understand actually apa dia bebual. Most of the time, tak faham. Macam ayam & itik. But you just make do with whatever information you have ok. They’ll usually post more pictures of the item as you scroll down.. So it’s a good time for you to really see the item and figure out the measurements etc.

The price is usually a guide and is only confirmed once you have made the selection of the item cos usually it depends on the sizing / design etc.

5. Copy Paste Link 
Now copy the link of the item to 65Daigou Ez-Buy Bar.

Eg: Link of the item u wanna buy
Copy that link to this search bar.


You will then see the same item coming up, just select the one that you wanna get and Add to Cart.

From there on, you can follow the Quick Guide from 65Daigou here on how to checkout, make payment etc.

There is also another method where you can shop and buy from 65Daigou website itself and just check out from there but i find the search result is limited so i do it the traditional way. No right or wrong. Just take some getting used to actually.
Start by buying small item 1st. I usually use Express Shipping cos i’m tak sabar like that. But if you wanna save a bit, use Normal Shipping.

Once you are comfortable with taobao, you can buy bigger stuff, like clocks lah.. photo frames etc. Cos really it is so much cheaper! Bulky items, use Sea Shipping instead cos it is so much cheaper but of course, you gotta wait lah kan. Kalau cannot wait, then gi China beli sendiri ok?

Ok i hope that helps for those who’ve always wanted to try buying from Taobao but have no idea how to.
You don’t need to know how to read Chinese in order to Taobao. You just need Google Translate, some common sense and you’re good to go!

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  1. TQ DYAN!!! Such a helpful post nanti i pun boleh bertaobao-taobao soon inshaallah for house ke. lepas ni ajar mcm mana nak download buku at kindle pula please. hehehehehehehehhhee

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