Pregnancy, Third Trimester

37 Weeks

We’ve reached full term today, Alhamdulillah.
37 weeks checkup done today. Was slightly late as i was too sleepy. I could barely open my eyes. But i had a solid 6 hours undisrupted sleep last night which i’m thankful for because i was so tired from all the previous sleepless nights. I even took a nap while waiting for my appointment tadi.

Something funny happened earlier, i was slouched on the sofa and sitting in front of me is another pregnant lady and her son, who is probably about 4-5 years old? Baby was really active this morning. She kept moving and kicking and my tummy was all senget sebelah. At one point, the little boy saw the baby moving and he was so amazed he kept looking at my tummy and then at his mum and then he looked at me as if i’m keeping anak kucing dlm perut. Hahahaha. So cute lah the boy!

My Strep B test came out negative so we’ll do without the antibiotic drip when i go into labour nanti.
My BP is normal so far and i was telling Dr C that i feel increased pressure down below. It’s heavier and harder to walk.
So while doing some routine check, Dr C mentioned baby is engaged and i’m already going through the lightening process whereby the baby is moving towards the birth canal.


She is still head down, her butt on my left side and she’s facing my right side. Sama lah tu position dia macam gambar atas. Dr C said not to worry cos baby is still turning around while she can. Previously, she was in the anterior position, which is the optimal position for birth. No wonder these days perut asyik senget tepi and it’s really in an odd shape.

I shared with Dr C my Birth Plan and she has endorsed it, made a copy of it to keep it in my files. Alhamdulillah, she is ok with all that i requested for. She will not induce me until 40 weeks + 10 days the latest and even then, i requested for induction to be Cervical Sweep, Prostaglandin pessary and Pitocin in order of preference. I also emphasized on my Food & Water over IV Drips and also to be on Mobile Monitoring as far as possible and strictly no students and no males. That and don’t offer me Epidural unless i ask for it. Actually if you ask me ah, i feel Epidural macam lagi scarier dari giving birth. Maybe because everyone’s been telling me how big the jarum is and how they inject it to your spine and you gotta keep still etc. That image is lagik scary than anything else because i am not in control. I don’t even dare see videos of Epidural being administered tapi berani tengok child birth videos on youtube. wth.

Labour typically start between 38 – 39 weeks but it’s also safe if you happen to give birth tomorrow” – Dr C.

And it finally dawned to me that i can and i might give birth anytime from now. I’m almost afraid to make any plans now.
What if labour pains start when aku tengah ketawa macam hyena while having dinner with girlfriends? Or at the supermarket?


Hahahahahaha Rubbish tau.
And yes, i better start on the hospital bag soon. Macam banyak pulak benda nak bawak.
Apa-apa pun baby, u stay in there till 1st January ok. Kalau nak kluar 1st January pun mummy no hal.
Mana tau, ada chance masok TV pasal New Year baby?

Then maybe i should pack my Hair Straightener dalam Hospital Bag jugak. Because u never know, akak ngan baby masok TV, tak gitu?

5 thoughts on “37 Weeks”


    (tapi u must bilang kitorang kalau new year baby so kitorang pun boleh lawa-lawa ada chance nak masuk TV jugak!!)

    and OMG any day noww!

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