IVF Cycle No 2, Pregnancy, Third Trimester

31 weeks

We’ve passed the 30 weeks mark. o.m.g
Time pass by real quick with this one, it’s scary.

Didn’t we just go through IVF not too long ago? I’m getting increasingly heavy & uncomfortable lately. It feels sore down under and suddenly i feel like a first time mom again, googling everything. Why does it feel so sore in the last trimester?

That’s because baby is probably in a vertical lie. I totally forgot about it ok. I forgot baby will have limited room space by now to stay horizontal & might be in the bottoms down or heads down position by now.

Baby is also getting more active & kicks are more frequent these days. Tak yah tunggu malam. Siang malam dia main tendang2 bola kat dalam. Also getting more breathless now & cant walk for long. Can’t sit for long as well. Hahahaha. The third trimester is really one kind. Lol.

It’s funny though cos people keep telling me I’m very active for someone who’s pregnant but I feel otherwise! Not in a hurry to give birth though. I wanna feel pregnant for a bit more and spend more time with Nadya alone while I still can.

Nadya has been such a gem! Sometimes when I can’t get out of bed, she’ll offer to pull me up and when she sees me in pain, she’ll say “Be careful!” and sometimes she’ll offer to hold my hand to help me get around the house and say things like “slowly“. The 1st time she did that, I almost burst into tears. Lol

She’ll be a great sister, I’m sure of that, at least. ❤

IVF Cycle No 2, Pregnancy, Third Trimester

28 weeks

Home stretch! I’m in my last trimester already and for someone so kancheong like me, i really have not started on much. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks since few weeks ago but yesterday’s was much more noticeable cos i was out on my own with Nadya most of the time, walked a lot and all so just before sleep, it came stronger than before. But at least this time round i know it’s Braxton Hicks.

My heartburn is also showing up slowly. Was kinda glad it didn’t show up during early pregnancy. Read that it’s normal since we usually carry our babies lower during the second pregnancy. Thought I could escape it altogether but i guess baby is growing bigger & i have a short torso. So i guess no escaping it then. So uncomfortable especially during car rides. 😭

The nausea & headaches are back too, hello! Didn’t miss u at all during the 2nd trimester. Why do 2nd trimesters go by realllly quick eh? I’m so cranky it’s not funny.

Will be doing my glucose test on Tuesday. Not looking forward to it at all cos of the 3 hours wait and also cos i know i’ll probably be diagnosed with it again. So i’ve been having my ice cream dates with Nadya before i get diagnosed & feel too guilty to indulge.

I know I complain a lot this pregnancy but at the end of the day, it still feels nice to be pregnant again & i always look forward to night time when baby is more active & will be all topsy turvy and i get to see my tummy being lopsided & all.

13 weeks till i meet u sayang! ❤️

Pregnancy, Third Trimester

40 weeks

Ok nak jugak blog sampai 40 weeks! LOL

Went for my routine check up today. Early this morning, i drank air zam zam, ate kurma and talked to baby. Told her “Ok babe, let’s make this our final check up please.” 

Was supposed to go the Fetal Scan Centre at 11.30am and then see Dr Citra at 12.30pm but i forgot about the 11.30am appointment and strolled in the Women’s Clinic like a boss at 12.30pm instead. Now, this is why i need to deliver my baby soon because the pregnancy brain is seriously tak kelakar. Luckily Dr Citra said she’ll do the scan herself nanti!

So first up was the CTG Monitoring. Was a little anxious cos yesterday, it feels like baby is making less movement. She used to kick me really hard and now all i feel is just her squirming. So to hear the heartbeat loud and clear when they did the CTG Monitor was very reassuring and then guess what, my little girl think it’s funny to move around a lot during the entire CTG Monitor. The machine beeped a few times cos it lost contact with baby’s heartbeat cos she was all over the place so the nurse sat next to me, holding the small monitor terkejar2 kan heartbeat budak kecik ni. Lol.

After that, Dr C did a scan to mainly check on my Amniotic Fluid level and to quote her “it’s on the lower side of the healthy range.” A healthy AFI Level should be between 5 – 20. Mine is at 7. So my waterbag level is slowly decreasing. Bila masa dia decrease i also don’t know. I told Dr C about the lower pelvic pain i had in the morning. It was so intense i had to bend down and rest at the kitchen sink and could barely walk. But it went away after that so it could be a muscle spasm or something. TMI but i really wanted to pass motion at that time but i was too scared to. LOL

Told her my Braxton Hicks contractions was intense last sunday. I first thought it was contractions but when i timed it, it was irregular. So i didn’t bother calling the delivery suite. Dr C told me it is definitely my body preparing for labour and i could be dilated already so she offered to check my cervix and do a membrane sweep.

My cervix is soft and i was already 3cm dilated. Baby is also quite low already based on the scan.
Based on that alone, she asked me if i’m ok with being warded today. But i asked her if it’s ok i go in to the Delivery Suite tomorrow instead because i wanna go home and wash my hair 1st. Hahahahahaha. Not kidding.
Partly also because i wanna eat Prosperity Burger & Twister fries nanti malam and also because DHL is coming to deliver my car seat cover today and i don’t want to miss the delivery. PRIORITIES ALL WRONG! LOL

That and also i’m hoping that the membrane sweep will somehow kickstart the contraction and i can start labour naturally tonight. Else, Dr C will break my waterbag tomorrow. Think she’s concerned because my waterbag level is decreasing and because baby is making less movements. So yes, i figure better be safe than sorry. I told her to put off inducing me and do another membrane sweep 1st besok before she break my waterbag. ewaaaah.. aku pulak yang mengajar!
But damn that membrane sweep is sooo uncomfortable. It’s like Pap Smear x 10. Cos she pushed her finger right up to my cervix and then make sweeping motions with her fingers. I bled after the membrane sweep and i’m still bleeding but she said it’s normal after a membrane sweep procedure.

It’s now 3 hours after the membrane sweep and i do feel cramps and backache.
I also think i was already having mild contractions all this while, cuma aku je tak tau. Hahahaha. Tau2 dah 3cm dilated.

I’ve packed all my necessities in the hospital bag already. Now just waiting for dinner time, to order McDees and then hopefully i get to sleep for a bit because tomorrow will be another intense day.

Wish me luck!

Pregnancy, Third Trimester

39 weeks

oh yeah.. Baby is still in my tum-tum.
Had another Gynae appointment yesterday and Dr C told me “try going for long walks.. take the stairs.. eat spicy food”
So i went shopping at Jem after the appointment to look for nursing bras and some other necessity, like errr cute hairbands for me. Lol

The shopping trip had me in stitches though (and few hundreds poorer!). I had Braxton Hicks in the midst of all the shopping. I’ve been having frequent Braxton Hicks and probably some false labor contractions the other night. But nothing so painful that warrant a visit to the hospital. After all, the cramps kinda subside when i move around so i figured it’s not a real contraction. So yes, i’m still wondering how real contraction feels like.

I’m also nursing a fever, flu and a bad cough. So i’m kind glad labour has not started yet cos i prefer not to be sick during labour. I get really cranky when i’m sick and the thought of having to push a baby out seems like double the hard work. So i told Dr C to prescribe me meds so i can clear the flu & cough up asap and i was given some antibiotics safe for pregnancy.

Dr C also mentioned checking my waterbag levels and an internal check next week and if baby is still not out yet, we’ll set a date for a possible induction at 41 weeks cos my sugar levels seems to be on a higher side these days. Although to be honest i blame it on the honey i’ve been taking to soothe the cough (ok lah… to be fair, i also indulged in Ben & Jerry’s. Lots of it!) But of course i didn’t tell Dr C that! Some things, you just don’t tell your gynae lah ok. Kidding.

Friends & family have been msg-ing me regularly to ask if i’ve given birth. Even Rusly’s colleagues have been asking him “is the baby out yet?”. Looks like we’re not the only excited ones!


Me at 39 weeks. I love my new pyjamas. So cute! But Rusly told me i look like a Vietnamese maid. Boohoo.
Or maybe he meant Vietnamese Mail Order Bride. Hahahaha

It’s even harder to sleep now. I sleep for 3 hours interval most of the time and each time i toss & turn in bed, Rusly will wake up and ask “You ok? Sakit ke? Contractions eh?” Lol.
Somebody will be having sleepless night for a week or so.

I’ve been tempted to try other natural labour-inducing method and then i saw this hilarious video on Youtube.

So cute lah this woman! Hahaha.
I might just be tempted to do this if i still don’t have any labour signs by next week! But probably not when Rusly is at home.
Super embarrassing sak. Dah macam ni.



Pregnancy, Third Trimester

37 Weeks

We’ve reached full term today, Alhamdulillah.
37 weeks checkup done today. Was slightly late as i was too sleepy. I could barely open my eyes. But i had a solid 6 hours undisrupted sleep last night which i’m thankful for because i was so tired from all the previous sleepless nights. I even took a nap while waiting for my appointment tadi.

Something funny happened earlier, i was slouched on the sofa and sitting in front of me is another pregnant lady and her son, who is probably about 4-5 years old? Baby was really active this morning. She kept moving and kicking and my tummy was all senget sebelah. At one point, the little boy saw the baby moving and he was so amazed he kept looking at my tummy and then at his mum and then he looked at me as if i’m keeping anak kucing dlm perut. Hahahaha. So cute lah the boy!

My Strep B test came out negative so we’ll do without the antibiotic drip when i go into labour nanti.
My BP is normal so far and i was telling Dr C that i feel increased pressure down below. It’s heavier and harder to walk.
So while doing some routine check, Dr C mentioned baby is engaged and i’m already going through the lightening process whereby the baby is moving towards the birth canal.


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Pregnancy, Third Trimester

36 Weeks

and we’re at 36 weeks this week. tick tock tick tock.
Macam cepat gila and baby will be full term next week.

I had high hopes of finishing a lot of baby related stuff last week but the MIL was admitted to the hospital again last week and i’ve been busy going to and fro hospital and so it remained stagnant.

But early this week, i managed to wash some of baby’s clothes and swaddles. Next would be her bath towels, washcloths etc pulak, Can i just mention how divine baby detergent smells like? And how cute baby clothes are?! Hahaha


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Pregnancy, Third Trimester


main_turkeyThis is how i feel these days. Macam stuffed turkey baru kluar oven. Baby is still quite high up so i have difficulty breathing most of the time. I try to walk around the house more, hoping it’ll provide me relief. Tapi kaki pulak sakit, because of the water retention. #pregnancyproblems.

I also have a huge appetite these days. You should peep in my bag. It’s filled with snacks.
Macam kedai mama bag tu sampai out of shape and all. I get hungry all the time. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night feeling peckish and i’ll start eating small bites. When i wake up in the morning, it’s full on hungry! Macam 3 hari tak makan punya hungry. Surprising cos i lost appetite during the 1st & 2nd trimester and then now it’s back with a vengeance!

Other than that, my nesting period has finally kicked in. We got the IKEA Drawer up last night. Major achievement i tell you. So proud of Rusly. LOL
I also managed to finish up some DIY project last week.


Like this Bolster & Pillow Set. From some scrap cloth i found from previous projects. Will try and sew crib sheets next when i have time to buy more cloth!

I’ve also finished up the Name Blocks! Will take a picture of it soon!
Now in the midst of spray painting some rattan ‘treasure box” and the existing IKEA Shelvings in the room and pasting some design strips on the IKEA Drawers.

I’m still thinking if i should buy the Wall stickers from Etsy but the thought of fixing it up macam lemau sikit. Although actually Rusly will be the one fixing it up because he won’t allow me to climb up a ladder. But OCD me would want to pasang sendiri.

As of now, i’ve sorted out baby clothes, removed tags and arranged them nicely in the drawer. Till i have time to go and do the 1st wash and then next would be to find out what to put in the hospital bag and print out a labour cheat sheet for Rusly. Like where to go when i’m in labour, Delivery Suite Hotline, where to do the Birth Cert & Baby Bonus Registration etc..


34 weeks this week! 6 weeks to meeting my babe, InshaAllah.
I know 6 weeks will pass by really fast. But when you’re in your last trimester, 6 weeks pass by so slowly!

IMG_5385Help! I can barely see my feet now!
And i swear by my FitFlops! I use to think they are overpriced slippers but ohmaigod they are so comfortable, i’m not kidding you! if you’re pregnant and you think all your flats / sandals are damn kurangajar to you, go and buy FitFlops!

Ok dah. This entry is getting too random already. Lol

Pregnancy, Third Trimester

Towards a Natural Birth

So i finally attended the Natural Birth Talk with the husband yesterday morning. I went ahead with Birth Maia by Kak Fadillah Yusope. It was really by chance, cos i PM-ed her on FB, asking if she might be opening a class soon and she said yes! Anyway, i got to know her from the FB Group The Gentle Birthing Ummi Support Group. You guys can join that group if you wish to read up on other local muslim mummies attempt on Natural Birth.

So we started the day early yesterday and head over to Yishun for the class. Class was supposed to start at 10.00am but the other couples came late so we only started at about 10.30am. It was a small group, only 4 couples in the group so it was definitely an intimate session. I enjoyed the session and was quite worried Rusly might not enjoy the class but he was quite participative in the class and enjoyed the sharing session.

We basically covered on how to achieve natural birth. The cons of episiotomy, induction, epidural and c-sections. Our rights as a birthing mother, what to do when we are having contractions / when our waterbag burst etc. One of burning question – when is the right time to go to the hospital because as much as i can, i would prefer to go through my initial labour pains at home instead of at the hospital. Thankfully, Kak Fadillah kept saying NUH is very pro-natural birth and mentioned how she and her clients have worked numerous times with Dr Citra and she is a pro-natural doctor who will try hard to adhere to your birth plans and not just throw it out of the window. So yes, i’m slightly relieved at that because i feel it’s useless to do up a Birth Plan if your gynae is gonna dismiss it and just go ahead with the template birth procedure.

Sidetrack a bit, during my last appointment with Dr Citra, she mentioned she usually let her patients wait till 42 weeks if they can and i was pleased to hear that because honestly i don’t think many hospitals do that. Usually, they’ll try to induce you at 40 weeks and get the baby out asap. However, she mentioned because i have GD, if my sugar levels rise too high closer to labour or if they think baby is getting way too big, she might have to induce me latest by 41 weeks if baby show no signs of making an appearance. But i did tell her we’ll play it by ear cos i really do not wish to be induced / have a failed induction which might result in a C-sect. But we shall see!

As of now, my birth plan consists of;

– Natural Birth with no unnecessary medical interventions eg Induction unless Labour has not started at 41 weeks.
– Epidural to be made available only if i request for it.
– I prefer not to have episiotomy.
– Able to walk around & move freely at the hospital and not be strapped constantly on the bed.
– Able to eat & drink.
– Delayed cord clamping within 5-10 minutes after birth
– Give birth in upright position. (via Birth Stool / Squatting position and i was told Dr Citra is ok with that)
– No other males present in the room
– Quiet & Peaceful environment. I don’t want to hear nurses shouting at me to push macam National Day Parade because it’ll just make me tensed.

I think as of now, it’s achieveable, except the part for no C-sect because i wouldn’t really know the dangers me & the baby will have to go through during labour until the day itself so yes, while i’m not inclined to have C-Sect, i’m not against it if that is the only way for me to get the baby out.

While i rejoice over other mummies positive birth stories, i also have to be realistic with mine because we all manage pain differently and we can all plan everything to a T but ultimately, i leave everything to Allah SWT. I also hope Rusly remembers what he learn from this session because he have the potential to be a good support system for me. Currently, he’s very encouraging and accommodating and i’m glad to share this journey with him. I’ll probably print out a cheat sheet for him soon and paste it on the fridge so he’ll know what to do when the time comes.

If you ask me, it was definitely worth sacrificing our sunday morning for this session. I’ve learnt so much and also know of the options i have with regards to birth. There is no right or wrong timing to attend these classes. Two other mummies in the class is in their 5th month. The other one is in her 3rd month. So naturally they were excited to hear i’m already in my 8th month.

Kak Fadillah initially thought i was in my 5th month pregnancy too and was shocked when i told her i’m in my 8th month. In her words, “You hide your pregnancy well, macam teenager.” Hahaha. Now, if only i look like one as well. Lol

Third Trimester

Hey 32!

We’ve come to the next milestone, which is the 32nd weeks. So that’s 8 months of pregnancy!
I did my final growth scan yesterday and met up with Dr Citra again for a review.

The scan was alright although i would have preferred the sonographer who did my 28 weeks scan. The one i had yesterday was giggling too much. “This is the head.. heehee”  “This is the body… heehee”. 
urmmm.. i’m supposed to be the excited one, remember?

Also we couldn’t see baby’s face because her head is down already! She’s no longer in breech position and i hope she stays that way. Although i had a hard time explaining to Rusly because he kept saying things like “Baby dah head down, dia tak mabuk ke bila upside down?” Hahahaha. My husband, everyone.

I had to remind him baby is in a waterbag, surrounded by water and probably don’t know she’s upside down ke upright ke sideways and he kept laughing at the image of baby upside down with her legs flailing about, macam as if so funny gitu. Actually if you come to think about it, memang funny ah. I also kept laughing at the the image of baby upside down.

Dear Baby,
you have weird parents with a weird sense of humour who think upside down babies are funny.
Good luck.

Le baby at 32 weeks

So anyway, based on the scan, baby is well and healthy. She’s at 1.7kg now which is the recommended weight for 32 weeks. My amniotic fluid is also still on a healthy level. All is good and i’m so relieved. Dr Citra also checked my Glucose level stats and said i’m an A* Student! In fact she was a little bit worried that my stats are a little on the lower side and told me to eat a bit more. Pulaaaakkk.

I’ve also been experiencing Braxton Hicks. Didn’t know it was Braxton Hicks but Dr C told me so. It’s just some cramps and a really hard bump. I’ve had it mostly at night. Especially just before i sleep. It does not hurt that much but got me a little uncomfortable. Also having slightly more vaginal discharge these days but Dr C told me as long as it’s not green / foul smelling, it’s normal. So yeah, i’ll say that more or less, my third trimester is pretty textbook pregnancy.

I also managed to score a seat for a Natural Birth workshop by a muslim Doula this sunday! Will share more about it after i’ve gone through it.

I hope the next two months will be easy on me. It is a difficult time for me & rusly right now, with the recent going-ons in his family but we’re keeping ourselves positive that things would turn out right eventually. It is especially hard on Rusly now but i’m glad he thinks this pregnant woman is pretty easy to please and in his words “tak banyak kerenah”. I really think things happen for a reason and if it makes us a better person after all of His tests, then we’ll take it in stride.

Pregnancy, Third Trimester

30 down. 10 to go.

Oh yes, we’re in the 30th weeks now!
That means i have 10 weeks to go. That’s 2.5 months before i pop.
I don’t know why but everytime i tell myself 10 weeks to go, it seems so near.
But when i tell myself 2.5mths to go i’ll be like “alaaaah lama lagi lah!”

I just hope that baby will stay snug in there for 10 weeks. Kalau tak sabar pun, stay for at least 7 weeks more ok.
Cos u’ll be full term by then and after that you wanna come out, keluar je lah. I ok je.

You know, i thought i would be very excited about the Nursery. Actually i am lah. Just that i’m too lazy to think about decorating it. I’m waiting for the nesting period to kick in and then start worrying about the nursery. The baby cot has arrived though. It’s all assembled cos they did it all for us so it’s sitting all pretty at one corner.

I don’t think we’ll be repainting the room. It’s currently mostly white with a grey wall on one side and i kind of like it grey because it’s a neutral colour so i think i’ll keep it grey with mostly white furniture and some pink decoration stuff. Like pillows lah and apa2 je lah.

I have plans to DIY some deco stuff like the name blocks and posters. Actually i’ve done the artworks but i’ve not send them for prints yet because i’m just lazy. To think i print invitation cards for a living.

All we need to buy now is the wooden blocks, photo frames & curtains from Taobao. Everything is in the shopping cart. Tengah tunggu nak checkout aje.

We’ll be getting the MALM 6 Drawers from IKEA as her wardrobe because i wanna save space and baby clothes are so tiny i don’t think i really need a full wardrobe. That’s if i can control my spending on baby clothes lah. As it is, she has more clothes than Rusly already. Kesian laki aku.


This is the colour scheme i’m looking at but looking at how unmotivated i am right now, i’ll be lucky if that room has a curtain. Tak kisah lah colour apa curtain tu. Janji tak pakai kain batik tutup tingkap.

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