Pregnancy, Third Trimester

30 down. 10 to go.

Oh yes, we’re in the 30th weeks now!
That means i have 10 weeks to go. That’s 2.5 months before i pop.
I don’t know why but everytime i tell myself 10 weeks to go, it seems so near.
But when i tell myself 2.5mths to go i’ll be like “alaaaah lama lagi lah!”

I just hope that baby will stay snug in there for 10 weeks. Kalau tak sabar pun, stay for at least 7 weeks more ok.
Cos u’ll be full term by then and after that you wanna come out, keluar je lah. I ok je.

You know, i thought i would be very excited about the Nursery. Actually i am lah. Just that i’m too lazy to think about decorating it. I’m waiting for the nesting period to kick in and then start worrying about the nursery. The baby cot has arrived though. It’s all assembled cos they did it all for us so it’s sitting all pretty at one corner.

I don’t think we’ll be repainting the room. It’s currently mostly white with a grey wall on one side and i kind of like it grey because it’s a neutral colour so i think i’ll keep it grey with mostly white furniture and some pink decoration stuff. Like pillows lah and apa2 je lah.

I have plans to DIY some deco stuff like the name blocks and posters. Actually i’ve done the artworks but i’ve not send them for prints yet because i’m just lazy. To think i print invitation cards for a living.

All we need to buy now is the wooden blocks, photo frames & curtains from Taobao. Everything is in the shopping cart. Tengah tunggu nak checkout aje.

We’ll be getting the MALM 6 Drawers from IKEA as her wardrobe because i wanna save space and baby clothes are so tiny i don’t think i really need a full wardrobe. That’s if i can control my spending on baby clothes lah. As it is, she has more clothes than Rusly already. Kesian laki aku.


This is the colour scheme i’m looking at but looking at how unmotivated i am right now, i’ll be lucky if that room has a curtain. Tak kisah lah colour apa curtain tu. Janji tak pakai kain batik tutup tingkap.

Baby Name: 
We have finally decided on one although we’ll only announce it at a later date. It’s nothing fancy because we wanted something not too long and easy to pronounce. You know it’s funny how we deliberated so long with the names. Rusly wanted both of our initials in the name. So the baby’s initial is NR.
He wanted a name that does not sound too malay. On the other hand, i wanted a classic malay name that isn’t too common and then the baby name turns out otherwise. Hahaha. But most importantly, we like the name and i hope she likes it too.

Maternity Shoot: 
I was thinking of doing one. Because it has been 3 years since our last photoshoot and it would be nice to document the pregnancy in pictures considering how i don’t really take that many bumpfies. We’ve kind of shortlisted our photographer already. I just don’t know if i should do it outdoors or indoors. If indoors, i’ve already have a place in mind. We’ll do a staycation and then do the shoot at the same time. I’m more inclined to doing it indoor because of the aircon. I get tired & sweaty easily these days and i certainly do not want to be cranky during the shoot. We shall see. If we decide to do it, we’ll do it in December. Maybe in my 34 or 35 weeks.

General Well-Being: 
My gestational diabetes is still under control for now. Most time, my sugar level is low because i was too scared to eat. Hahahaha. But i kind of worked around it. I just stop drinking sugared drinks and cut down desserts. I’m still taking white breads and white rice still and so far it’s manageable.

I’m sleeping more these days. Yay!
Remember i was sleeping at 3.00am previously, i now sleep latest by 12.30 midnight. I’ll get very tired and just fall into deep sleep naturally. Ok maybe not deep sleep because i’ll wake up few times to go to the toilet but pretty happy so far with the amount of sleep i’m getting.

Baby is moving so much often now. Like a lot. She moves all the time, it gets a little tiring actually.
But that’s ok because they say they’ll start to move lesser 34 weeks and above cos there’s not much room to move about and then i think i’ll miss it so i shall enjoy it while i can?

I still enjoy food currently. Too much actually. I’m hungry all the time.
I get hungry in the middle of the night and i’ll be eating biscuits with eyes half open. Hahahaha
No morning sickness yet. Hopefully it doesn’t come back. My hips and my back is killing me though.
I reckon it’s because baby is getting bigger and the extra weight is pressing on my nerves.

Stretchmarks…. aaaaaahhh.. They are starting to make an appearance bit by bit.
To be honest, i couldn’t care less. I knew it is something you either have or don’t. i just happen to be among those that have stretchmarks. i didn’t even bother slapping stretchmarks oil. I just let it be because really it’s something you cannot avoid, so why bother kan? Skin is itchy cos it’s stretching like nobody’s business and sometimes i stare at my bump because WOW! Besarnya perut aku. Hahahaha
I don’t how those naturally skinny girls deal with their growing bumps because i’ve not seen my flat tummy for many many years already and i’m already so overwhelmed with the size. How do all these Size 6 girls feel eh? lol

Two more weeks until the next checkup! I cannot wait to see how much she has grown so far.
Dr Citra also want me to share with her my Birth Plan.
Currently, it states “Less pain and get her out as quickly as you can.”

6 thoughts on “30 down. 10 to go.”

  1. I know what you mean! Mcm tkder drive nak buat the nursery or anything. I sewed the pillowcases. But, still have the crib bedsheet to sew. I still have some stuff to buy, decal to order and paste, items to kemas2 in the chest and wash the baby clothes nearer to EDD.

    Hahhahahahahaha! Enjoy this last lap babe! 🙂

  2. I love your birth plan! But seriously since most births in SG involve the mother lying in bed in pain till its time to push, can hospitals here really cater for a birth plan that doesn’t involve beds?

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