Third Trimester

Hey 32!

We’ve come to the next milestone, which is the 32nd weeks. So that’s 8 months of pregnancy!
I did my final growth scan yesterday and met up with Dr Citra again for a review.

The scan was alright although i would have preferred the sonographer who did my 28 weeks scan. The one i had yesterday was giggling too much. “This is the head.. heehee”  “This is the body… heehee”. 
urmmm.. i’m supposed to be the excited one, remember?

Also we couldn’t see baby’s face because her head is down already! She’s no longer in breech position and i hope she stays that way. Although i had a hard time explaining to Rusly because he kept saying things like “Baby dah head down, dia tak mabuk ke bila upside down?” Hahahaha. My husband, everyone.

I had to remind him baby is in a waterbag, surrounded by water and probably don’t know she’s upside down ke upright ke sideways and he kept laughing at the image of baby upside down with her legs flailing about, macam as if so funny gitu. Actually if you come to think about it, memang funny ah. I also kept laughing at the the image of baby upside down.

Dear Baby,
you have weird parents with a weird sense of humour who think upside down babies are funny.
Good luck.

Le baby at 32 weeks

So anyway, based on the scan, baby is well and healthy. She’s at 1.7kg now which is the recommended weight for 32 weeks. My amniotic fluid is also still on a healthy level. All is good and i’m so relieved. Dr Citra also checked my Glucose level stats and said i’m an A* Student! In fact she was a little bit worried that my stats are a little on the lower side and told me to eat a bit more. Pulaaaakkk.

I’ve also been experiencing Braxton Hicks. Didn’t know it was Braxton Hicks but Dr C told me so. It’s just some cramps and a really hard bump. I’ve had it mostly at night. Especially just before i sleep. It does not hurt that much but got me a little uncomfortable. Also having slightly more vaginal discharge these days but Dr C told me as long as it’s not green / foul smelling, it’s normal. So yeah, i’ll say that more or less, my third trimester is pretty textbook pregnancy.

I also managed to score a seat for a Natural Birth workshop by a muslim Doula this sunday! Will share more about it after i’ve gone through it.

I hope the next two months will be easy on me. It is a difficult time for me & rusly right now, with the recent going-ons in his family but we’re keeping ourselves positive that things would turn out right eventually. It is especially hard on Rusly now but i’m glad he thinks this pregnant woman is pretty easy to please and in his words “tak banyak kerenah”. I really think things happen for a reason and if it makes us a better person after all of His tests, then we’ll take it in stride.

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