Pregnancy, Third Trimester


main_turkeyThis is how i feel these days. Macam stuffed turkey baru kluar oven. Baby is still quite high up so i have difficulty breathing most of the time. I try to walk around the house more, hoping it’ll provide me relief. Tapi kaki pulak sakit, because of the water retention. #pregnancyproblems.

I also have a huge appetite these days. You should peep in my bag. It’s filled with snacks.
Macam kedai mama bag tu sampai out of shape and all. I get hungry all the time. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night feeling peckish and i’ll start eating small bites. When i wake up in the morning, it’s full on hungry! Macam 3 hari tak makan punya hungry. Surprising cos i lost appetite during the 1st & 2nd trimester and then now it’s back with a vengeance!

Other than that, my nesting period has finally kicked in. We got the IKEA Drawer up last night. Major achievement i tell you. So proud of Rusly. LOL
I also managed to finish up some DIY project last week.


Like this Bolster & Pillow Set. From some scrap cloth i found from previous projects. Will try and sew crib sheets next when i have time to buy more cloth!

I’ve also finished up the Name Blocks! Will take a picture of it soon!
Now in the midst of spray painting some rattan ‘treasure box” and the existing IKEA Shelvings in the room and pasting some design strips on the IKEA Drawers.

I’m still thinking if i should buy the Wall stickers from Etsy but the thought of fixing it up macam lemau sikit. Although actually Rusly will be the one fixing it up because he won’t allow me to climb up a ladder. But OCD me would want to pasang sendiri.

As of now, i’ve sorted out baby clothes, removed tags and arranged them nicely in the drawer. Till i have time to go and do the 1st wash and then next would be to find out what to put in the hospital bag and print out a labour cheat sheet for Rusly. Like where to go when i’m in labour, Delivery Suite Hotline, where to do the Birth Cert & Baby Bonus Registration etc..


34 weeks this week! 6 weeks to meeting my babe, InshaAllah.
I know 6 weeks will pass by really fast. But when you’re in your last trimester, 6 weeks pass by so slowly!

IMG_5385Help! I can barely see my feet now!
And i swear by my FitFlops! I use to think they are overpriced slippers but ohmaigod they are so comfortable, i’m not kidding you! if you’re pregnant and you think all your flats / sandals are damn kurangajar to you, go and buy FitFlops!

Ok dah. This entry is getting too random already. Lol

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