Pregnancy, Third Trimester

36 Weeks

and we’re at 36 weeks this week. tick tock tick tock.
Macam cepat gila and baby will be full term next week.

I had high hopes of finishing a lot of baby related stuff last week but the MIL was admitted to the hospital again last week and i’ve been busy going to and fro hospital and so it remained stagnant.

But early this week, i managed to wash some of baby’s clothes and swaddles. Next would be her bath towels, washcloths etc pulak, Can i just mention how divine baby detergent smells like? And how cute baby clothes are?! Hahaha


I bought this Drying Rack from Qoo10 cos we have limited drying space. Mainly cos i don’t hang my clothes outdoor cos i have a nonsense bukit neighbour living above my flat who refuse to rinse dry her clothes before drying it out. So all her laundry will drip on my laundry. So annoying. So we end up drying our clothes indoor in the service balcony instead and no, i don’t know how can two adults accumulate that much laundry in a week. Like everytime i do the laundry, i keep thinking why we have so much laundry to do when there’s only 2 of us?!

Hence the need to buy a separate drying rack for baby cos kalau nak tunggu baju kita sendiri yang kering, anak aku bogel 24/7.

IMG_5479Half of Baby’s laundry done. Have i also mentioned how much i love Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddles? It is SO SOFT!!!
The Aden + Anais original swaddles are ok lah but the bamboo ones are so soft i wanna cuddle it to sleep.

I’ve also cleared my bedroom. I’ve moved most of my stuff to the entertainment room and then got the maid to do a thorough cleaning of the room and got the husband to shift the dresser table to the other side so that we’ll have space beside the bed to put the cot next to me and so far it’s looking good! Gonna head to Metro this week to buy more bedsheets for our bed because we have some few hundred worth of Metro vouchers lying around the house and i don’t know what else to buy so we’ll probably buy a new mattress pad and bedsheets to prepare for accidental spills. Lol

The nursery is slowly taking shape. I’ve put up the curtains and now i’m waiting for my Taobao shipments to arrive. Bought plenty of those waterproof changing mats because it so cheap and cute! Will blog about it when it arrives!

Other random stuff i’ve been doing since last few weeks.
– drink coconut water.
now this is kinda hilarious. We bought those coconuts from Giant supermarket and i thought it’ll be quite easy to break it open lah kan. But i forgot we don’t have a chopper at home so Rusly had to cut it open using a long knife and he took close to 30mins just to have it opened and after so many positions. Dari dia diri sampai duduk kat lantai dapur. I told him, kalau dia kerja kat drink stall East Coast Food Centre, confirm kena buang. But now dia dah terror already. Suspect kuat belajar ngan monyet.

– stuffing myself with Kurma
Went to Al Barakah to get Kurma Ajwa cos my mom said Kurma is good to eat just before delivery so i have been popping those kurma every single morning. I love Kurma so i don’t mind this at all!

– drink lemongrass + ginger
now ni takde kena mengena dengan nak beranak. I just found out Nutritea has this flavour now and i’m hooked on it! So sedap, i cannot take it! Lol

I went for my 36 weeks check up on Tuesday and it was a busy day at the Women’s clinic cos some of the gynaes were on leave so Dr Citra had to take over all the appointments for Dr Vanaja and another doctor. Didn’t do any scan. We checked for heartbeat and then Dr Citra confirmed baby head is still down (good girl! duduk diam2 situ k sayang) and then we did the Group B streptococcus screening which is actually just a swab test so it didn’t hurt.

It’ll be a weekly check-up from now on and Dr C mentioned she might do a VE at 39 weeks and a Perenial Massage but it’s totally optional. Told her i might not do the VE at 39 weeks. Maybe at 40 or 41 weeks instead and she was fine with it. Itupun kalau baby tak keluar by then lah kan.

Next up would be to pack the hospital bag, print the birth plan and get Dr C to endorse it, install the car seat and then wait for labour pain to start. heehee.

For now, i’m busy clearing all pending artworks and sending it for print so that my clients can collect it before January. It’s a mad mad rush but it makes time go by even faster. Might also be staying at my parent’s place on some nights because Rusly need to sleep over at the hospital on Thursday / Friday nights to be with his mum. It is really a difficult time for all of us. His mum does not seem to get better as i move towards my due date but we’re keeping our hopes high. I tried sleeping over at the hospital the other day but the couch is a bit uncomfortable cos i couldn’t toss & turn. But i will try again this week.. Cos after three years of staying on my own, i don’t think i can sleep at my parent’s place again (although it’ll be really fun to sleepover with my sisters again) and i have this Rusly withdrawal during pregnancy. I get anxious when Rusly is not around. So clingy. I know he’s half-hearted to make me sleep over at the hospital cos i get sick easily with all the germs floating around but he also don’t want to leave me alone at home, in case anything happen. But we shall see. I believe Allah will protect me and my daughter throughout this trying time, Insha Allah.

4 more weeks to go, baby. I can’t wait to hold u in my arms.

6 thoughts on “36 Weeks”

  1. I think it’s a final trimester thingy… we women get all clingy man. I swear I don’t even get myself sometimes!

    And OMG. At least you’ve started with washing the clothes and preparing the nursery! My baby’s clothes are still sitting in some box on the bedroom floor and the crib we are using hasn’t even been refurbished (hand me down from he family). You make me nervous man. Hahaha..

    1. I think cos people have been pressurizing me to do something about getting the baby ready and doing the laundry seems like the easiest option available! Lol

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