Pregnancy, Third Trimester

40 weeks

Ok nak jugak blog sampai 40 weeks! LOL

Went for my routine check up today. Early this morning, i drank air zam zam, ate kurma and talked to baby. Told her “Ok babe, let’s make this our final check up please.” 

Was supposed to go the Fetal Scan Centre at 11.30am and then see Dr Citra at 12.30pm but i forgot about the 11.30am appointment and strolled in the Women’s Clinic like a boss at 12.30pm instead. Now, this is why i need to deliver my baby soon because the pregnancy brain is seriously tak kelakar. Luckily Dr Citra said she’ll do the scan herself nanti!

So first up was the CTG Monitoring. Was a little anxious cos yesterday, it feels like baby is making less movement. She used to kick me really hard and now all i feel is just her squirming. So to hear the heartbeat loud and clear when they did the CTG Monitor was very reassuring and then guess what, my little girl think it’s funny to move around a lot during the entire CTG Monitor. The machine beeped a few times cos it lost contact with baby’s heartbeat cos she was all over the place so the nurse sat next to me, holding the small monitor terkejar2 kan heartbeat budak kecik ni. Lol.

After that, Dr C did a scan to mainly check on my Amniotic Fluid level and to quote her “it’s on the lower side of the healthy range.” A healthy AFI Level should be between 5 – 20. Mine is at 7. So my waterbag level is slowly decreasing. Bila masa dia decrease i also don’t know. I told Dr C about the lower pelvic pain i had in the morning. It was so intense i had to bend down and rest at the kitchen sink and could barely walk. But it went away after that so it could be a muscle spasm or something. TMI but i really wanted to pass motion at that time but i was too scared to. LOL

Told her my Braxton Hicks contractions was intense last sunday. I first thought it was contractions but when i timed it, it was irregular. So i didn’t bother calling the delivery suite. Dr C told me it is definitely my body preparing for labour and i could be dilated already so she offered to check my cervix and do a membrane sweep.

My cervix is soft and i was already 3cm dilated. Baby is also quite low already based on the scan.
Based on that alone, she asked me if i’m ok with being warded today. But i asked her if it’s ok i go in to the Delivery Suite tomorrow instead because i wanna go home and wash my hair 1st. Hahahahahaha. Not kidding.
Partly also because i wanna eat Prosperity Burger & Twister fries nanti malam and also because DHL is coming to deliver my car seat cover today and i don’t want to miss the delivery. PRIORITIES ALL WRONG! LOL

That and also i’m hoping that the membrane sweep will somehow kickstart the contraction and i can start labour naturally tonight. Else, Dr C will break my waterbag tomorrow. Think she’s concerned because my waterbag level is decreasing and because baby is making less movements. So yes, i figure better be safe than sorry. I told her to put off inducing me and do another membrane sweep 1st besok before she break my waterbag. ewaaaah.. aku pulak yang mengajar!
But damn that membrane sweep is sooo uncomfortable. It’s like Pap Smear x 10. Cos she pushed her finger right up to my cervix and then make sweeping motions with her fingers. I bled after the membrane sweep and i’m still bleeding but she said it’s normal after a membrane sweep procedure.

It’s now 3 hours after the membrane sweep and i do feel cramps and backache.
I also think i was already having mild contractions all this while, cuma aku je tak tau. Hahahaha. Tau2 dah 3cm dilated.

I’ve packed all my necessities in the hospital bag already. Now just waiting for dinner time, to order McDees and then hopefully i get to sleep for a bit because tomorrow will be another intense day.

Wish me luck!

19 thoughts on “40 weeks”

  1. Wahahhaha menyempat blog and yeah priorities! hahahah funny lah you! Have a safe delivery you! Wishing you and baby safe! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your lil’ one!

    1. Hahahhaha i die2 wanna blog sampai 40 weeks. Chop chop blog if not i’ll forget!

      Thank you Tini! I can’t wait to see her too! i just hope by the time i surrender myself to the labour ward tomorrow, i’m at least 4-5cm dilated so i don’t have to wait so long!

  2. So exciting dyan! I pray that you have a smooth delivery bukit panjang neighbour! Amin Insya’Allah. Can’t wait for your future updates! ☺

  3. Wahhhh! Almost time already!

    So excited lah seh.

    I will stalk your Twitter timeline tmr hokay. Kekeke. That is if you are updating lah. If not, then I shall patiently wait. Hehe

    Babe, all the best lah seh. Semoga allah mempermudahkan segalanya.

    Eh eh, aku plak yang emo. Kekkee! Can’t wait!!

  4. wohoo!! saw from your instagram photos on your sidebar that you have given birth! congratulations mom and dad!! and assalamualaikum Nadya Raessa! you look like a gem, little sweetheart! <3<3<3

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