Adieu 2014

2014 has proven to be bittersweet for both me & Rusly.

The long-awaited pregnancy news got us jumping for joy and Alhamdulillah i’m blessed with a smooth pregnancy so far.
And then Allah threw us a curve ball in November. Our world came tumbling down.
Amidst all the excitement of welcoming a new family member, my MIL got diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Stage 4.

It was the worst day of our lives and then i see my husband, my pillar of strength in constant sadness.
How do i deal with that? How do i tell him that things will turn out fine? Cos sometimes, i’m not sure myself.

I won’t deny it, sometimes i think Allah is unfair.
How are we supposed to be happy & excited for our firstborn when one of our loved one is battling for her life.
But i know He has his reasons and we have accepted it, redha and will take things as it comes.

If anything, it has brought us closer to Him.
It has taught us patience and mostly, unconditional love. That’s the only thing keeping all of us together.

Times when i feel like complaining about all the third trimester pain & aches, i keep her in mind.
Whatever she’s feeling now is so much harder than my backaches and cramps.
If i need Rusly by my side, she needs him even more right now.

I don’t know what the future holds.
So much uncertainties, but i’m sure we’ll do just fine.

With that, i bid adieu to 2014.
You have taught us several lessons in life. Hard knocks & awwww-worthy moments.

4 thoughts on “Adieu 2014”

  1. *hugs*.. Stay strong Dian for your husband especially and for your MIL! I pray that everything will be okay for all of you.. Amin Insya’Allah.

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